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ver y good experience, i love the view.. forma me was very hard , not easy..

Loved it. Pack plenty of water! Drink an IPA after this hike to accent the experience.

[Note: I do not know why this site says located in "Dunlap." This hike is in the heart of Kings Canyon, in Cedar Grove]

If you want to enjoy spectacular views of the canyon, take this hike! However, it's gonna cost you .... in calories burned, sweat and aching leg muscles! .... but that is the fun of it! The hike starts near Hotel Creek, but quickly veers away from it. You will not see water the rest of the way.

At that point, get ready for a strenuous 1,300 foot climb using switchbacks. You'll be going through pines and brush (and lots of sun, if you don't leave early enough in the morning). Suggestion: leave early in the morning!

Once you get to the top, it's flat (and easy) for a half mile or so to the "look out point." Spectacular back country and canyon views await you! Have your lunch and relax and take in the views. There are some great rocks, trees and shade to hang out on. When I went in early June, I only ran into one person and so had the viewing area all to myself.

Make sure to take the loop trail and come down on the other side. I rate the views trail area at the top, a 5 Star, and the hike coming up and going down a 3, so I averaged it to a 4.