trail locations for Burbank, California
trail running
2 days ago

Ran this trail from the parking area up to about 1/3 of a mile from the radio tower. I estimate it was about a 3 3/4 round trip. Very scenic and pretty. Also very hot with little to no shade. There is water only at the trail head. Arrive hydrated. We saw a coyote along the trail so I advise dog owners to keep their dogs on a leash. If you are a distance runner this is some nice hill training. Or if you're simply a hiker, great exercise and views

3 days ago

This is a nice workout, with great views the entire way. Don't attempt it without hiking boots, as much of the terrain is very sandy and slippery. There is almost no shade, so it's best to go when the weather is cooler.

It's uphill all the way going in. Loved it.

Great work out! I go up regularly and early to avoid people and the heat. Trail in desperate need of repair though as it sees a lot of traffic.

hike up is worth it!

Great alternative to the crowds at Runyon. There's parking on Harvard just outside the main gate, as well as a few spaces on Wildwood Cyn Drive. There are also multiple trail heads along Wildwood Cyn Drive, so be sure to coordinate with your crew accordingly. Trail itself is pretty steep. Going up is gonna build your leg & cardio strength; going down is going to test your knees - but *totally* worth it! At the top is the "Wisdom Tree" with great views of Burbank, "The Valley", Los Angeles, and on clear days: Catalina!

1 month ago

Very nice trail.. A little steep in the first half.. Very nice view you can see 134 fwy on the other side and the other side will be the city view.. Parking is ok there is a restroom as well.. Plenty of rest points.. Bring a lot of water.. We only hike up to radio tower but still there are more trail that you can walk to..

Nice trail, good workout with plenty of uphill/elevation change, trail well marked but is very open with no shade areas

2 months ago

Made it 3/4 of the way. The height and incline got to me but next time i am determined to complete it!

Great hike today!!

Great trail. Love the closeness to my home!

So beautiful

It was good hike. About 6 mi round trip. I started at the nature center and walked all the way up to the radio tower. I went in the afternoon which was a bit of mistake, there is hardly and shade on the hike. It's all uphill to the radio tower. Beautiful views. You can see all of Burbank and Hollywood and part of DTLA. I recommend bringing lots of water.

2 months ago

Pretty moderate but several ways you can go. Some steeper than others. Pretty brown and not much views unless the rain recently hit in which you are treated with lots of spring flowers and a clear view all the way to DT and beyond.