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trail locations for Bishop, California

This is one of my annual hikes, I absolutely love this hike. You can make it as long or short as you like; although not huge elevation gains it is the highest improved hiking trail in California starting around 10,250' and makes the hike slightly more difficult. The drive to the starting point is an amazing place to see fall colors in early to mid October.

off road driving
9 days ago

Always a blast out here with the boyfriend and our kiddos. We tend to always go back and take off on a new dirt road each time.

it was my first real hike i made past long lake it was a very good hiking experience i loved it

A must see if you're in the area! The dirt road back to the trailhead is a little rough but a fun drive if you have the right car.

Good hike, lots of traffic. Watch out for the two hippy guys that look like women, they will tell you the rest of the trail is flat, you just finished all of the uphill parts. Hah the whole thing is uphill.

It's a very pretty high altitude hike. The parking lot fills up fast so get here as early as possible.

It's a very pretty high altitude trail. I used this trail to help me get ready for my successful climb of Mount Whitney.

If you hike this trail you will continue to daydream about it til the day you die. Awesome!!!

First part of this trail is fairly difficult but then levels off and has beautiful views of creeks, wild flowers, and lakes.

Love this trail. We visited this lake mid September. It was Zen-Sational..! Felt like we were there All alone, pure Bliss. Just a few people fishing. The scent of nature never smelled so good! Strongly recommend this trail, it was easy and very soothing.

1 month ago

I recently completed a backpacking trip along the John Muir Trail. The scenery is amazing. If this isn't the most beautiful long-distance trail in the country, it has to be on the short list. I started at the Cottonwood Pass campground and hiked northbound. It took two days to reach the JMT from the Cottonwood Pass area. My entire trip ended up being around 240 miles long.

Videos of each day can be found on my YouTube channel. I also have some videos about the gear I used and food I packed on the trip. A link to the video for day one is posted below. Mt. Whitney is day three if you want to jump to that one. I just posted day 11, which was in the Selden Pass area. This was the most beautiful area on the trail in my opinion. Enjoy!


A fantastic trail to experience the high Sierra's. I personally chose this trail for the high altitude training for peaks like Mt. Whitney. The trail isn't too terribly difficult due to its relatively short length. Summit Lake is so incredibly crystal clear at the top and really refreshing after a long hike! Personally I continued a little past the lake and went to the ridge on the left of the trail to overlook some of the most fantastic scenery I have ever seen for lunch. Overall a fantastic trail with some of the best scenery I have ever seen.

Really nice with lots of views.

Great hike, excellent scenic views.

Note: 90% of the trail will be uphill. Trail is well marked an easy to navigate.