trail locations for Big Bear Lake, California

This trail was so beautiful and so much fun! We had three kids and two dogs and still enjoyed it! There are gorgeous fall trees and when you get high enough you can see the lake!

Loved it! We did it yesterday and the fall colors were beautiful! The leaves will probably only last another week or so but if you can go soon it is worth it!

Beautiful sceneries along the trail, especially for fall colors watching

great place to hike

Such a wonderful place. I would also recommend doing the Castle Trail, Shorter but tougher. One of most memorable things about this trip was the staff working at the information center. I believe their name was Kim and Laurie. Amazing people. We did not have enough cash to pay for parking, so they ended up covering for us. If you read this review, thank you again.

12 days ago

One of my favorite local trails. Amazing view of the lake. If you're like my girlfriend and I, and prefer more nature and less people, then you will want to go early morning during the week if possible. Definitely a nice leg workout. It's steep but not a long hike. Great big boulders to climb on at the top. Parking is terrible, need to squeeze in by the trail head or on the side of the road down the street. Adventure/forest pass required. Dog friendly

Great easy hike for the family! My girlfriend and I loved it as well as our dog Jax. Amazing views of BB lake!

24 days ago

Excellent trail. were definitely doing this trail again. As a matter of fact, were going back on Sunday because we were not able to complete our trail. It began to rain on us, but my family still had a great time. Beautiful views and a nice healthy hike. Stay tuned for another, more complete review coming soon...

27 days ago

This beautiful trail is everything you could ask for! Great views of the lake, perfect difficulty and amount of tree cover. 3 miles to the view point and 3 miles back on the same trail to the parking lot.

It had beautiful views and it was moderate enough to give you a good workout.

Beautiful hike! Fairly easy, not too much altitude gain. We started from Aspen Glen Picnic area and then hiked to Grand View Point on the Pine Knot trail. From there we went along the Skyline Trail. Beautiful the whole way. Amazing views in every direction. We then took Camp Osito Rd to the Cabin trail back to Aspen Glen. Long hike but well worth it!

Fair amount of traffic on a Thursday morning in September. Loose gravel makes footing less steady in some sections. Steep initially. Parking for only a few cars. Good views over the lake.

1 month ago

Castle Rock boasts a pretty great view. But it runs short on available parking at the trail head. This is due to there being no parking lot at the trail head. You need to park, either, in turn outs at the trail head or at the nearby Boulder Bay Park. There is also some parking located at the Big Bear Dam, but that's just over a mile away.

Overall, the inconvenience of parking is absolutely worth the view that you get and experience of doing some light rock climbing!

Low traffic on a sunny Tuesday morning at the end of summer. Pleasant breeze. Good amount of shade. Moderate rating due to altitude gain only, otherwise not challenging. Few sections rocky ground, otherwise fairly even walking. Wildlife (saw deer), lovely scenery. No bugs or poison oak. Ticks all the boxes for me! Reminds you why you love to hike in CA...

1 month ago

Get there early (before 9) to avoid serious crowds. Short but strenuous hike with solid views.

Grandview was ok - better views along the way. Good length and a good workout. Definitely recommend for any hiker looking for a nice hike.

Nice trail, Heavily used. Great views at the top.
Hiked with some friends who don't normally hike and they had fun. Was not too hard. Nice hike for beginners looking for a little challenge.

Nice trail, but the impact of overuse is very apparent. Great views at the top, and a very quick hike. A lot of litter in the boulders at the top, pack your trash out folks!