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Paved road all the way to trail head, easy access. Several trails to choose from, however the farther back you get the harder the trail is to find. We ended up cutting through a field to get on the bike trail. Reflection Pond is a SEASONAL pond. We made it all the way there just to find the pond was dry. Easy hike, would like to do it again in the spring after the rainy season.

8 days ago

Went up for the 1st time at the end of November and enjoyed it. Nice, easy hike with a few steep inclines

closed!!! ya know!!! certain people like like to leave graffiti and trash!!!

1 month ago

Spring time and winter time it is actually very beautiful, summer time is NOT a time to go. However, it's still a good hike!

Loved it nice little Bakersfield hidden gem

This is a great easy hike especially in the spring when the weather is good and the wild flowers are blooming

1 month ago

2 months ago


Great video of hike- now closed due to graffiti and trash left by people.
It was really cool !

very nice a hidden oasis

2 months ago

Great trail.

It's not pretty but the trail is cool

Such a beautiful trail. Hopefully it gets reopened soon!

Trail closed by land owner

off road driving
3 months ago

fun drive

Awesome trail

I love just to get out of Bakersfield for this little hike, the festivals are fun and the wild flowers are so pretty! Great for photography portraits.

"This is why we can't have nice things." Sadly, the trail was closed by the land owner... And I can't blame him. People left quite a bit of trash, did graffiti, and would not stay on the trail... This is not the way to enjoy the great outdoors. Pack it in, pack it out and only leave footprints. Simple right...?

Pretty view, great exercise, a little dangerous at times. Not sure if I would take children up here. Sadly it's closed down now. I'm glad I got to experience it before that happened.