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A serious hike not a stroll by the beach but beautiful scenery! A little of everything from crossing the river, multiple times, climbing up rocks, over fallen logs...resting under big shaded trees! Bring 4 bottles of water minimum, PB&J, granola bars, will need the fuel! Enjoy the hike!

9 days ago

Nice and clean trail, hard but really nice,The view was beautiful all to Los Angeles downtown and and beautiful view to the Desser. Just remember to bring a lot of water.

Moderate hike. Hot day and was nice to be able to walk through the river instead of trying to cross without getting wet. Lots of bungee jumpers not ready to do that yet.

Great trail recon today up the Heaton Flat Trail to just beyond the Allison Mine Trail (except the last two miles). I started out from the parking lot at 0645. It was about 55'. At 2.5 miles in it climbed to 69'. I covered the 4.98 miles up in just under 3 hours. The first 3 miles were pretty easy. From mile 3 to 4 is where you just go up and down, and up and down. Take some elevation from the mountain and then give some back. Not too bad though. Mile 4 to 5 is where the challenge began. The 60 and 70 degree grades showed up. There was a little bit of scrambling up rock and dirt too. I stopped just before the saddle. My goal today was to hike to the Allison Mine Trail. It was 85' by this point. Spent about 45 minutes resting, eating and taking pictures. Then I headed down! The first mile down is a slow process. At mile 7.86 the temp was 100'. By the time I got to mile 3 going down, I felt great and was moving at a pretty good pace. Not smart! Just under 2 miles and past the wilderness sign, I slipped and rolled my ankle. Needless to say I slowed way down. I waited to ice and wrap it until I got back to the car because I didn't want linger and let it get stiff. Yes I carry a wrap and ice with me on all hikes. Second time in a month I've had to use them too. Once for me (today) and once for a young lady who twisted her ankle coming down San Jacinto. Anyway, my total time for the hike (including breaks, lunch and pictures was 6 hrs 50 min. Total hiking time was 5 hrs 42 min. It was 95' when I finished at 1335. I'm guessing the final 2 miles to the peak would have taken about an hour each and have about a 2500 foot elevation gain. I carried 6.5 liters of water and drank 3.5 liters. Two of those were 16oz bottles with electrolytes. Glad I hiked it, but hoping I'll be ready and healed for Oct 8 when I go to the top of Iron Mountain with a fellow hiker.

Backpacker paradise! Bring a filter, there's nothing like crisp river water on a long hike! Also feel free to ask the river guys for help on the trail, they know the ins and outs! So fun, our favorite weekend getaway :D

It took us about 6 hours to and from! It's hard to tell where you are going since in some parts the trail just disappears ones you hit the wooden bridge ur half way there best advice follow the river! Recommend to take plenty of water and a snack since it is a long hike. Ones you get to the bridge enjoy the view at less for me it will be a long time before I go back on this one! Beautiful views take water shoes since you will have to cross the river in a few occasions it's an easy hike just very long! I give a 4 star since in my experience it's just hard to find ur way and too long but it is a great experience!

Is a really great workout. pretty intense but worth it!

This hike was awesome and not too long. Too bad they closed it :/

Beautiful riparian hike. Close to LA. The payoff is a deep gorge with a bridge over it with illegal bungee jumping. Exciting.

A relatively easy hike. Wouldn't need much exercise or training prior to doing. Good scenery along the way and not much incline, if at all. Wasn't crowded either.

It's not challenging only 2.8 miles

I was a long trail, but we'll worth the hike.

We went in April. The drive up was beautiful, as was the trail/bridge. And it was fun to cross the river on numerous occasions. I don't recommend it for beginners, and it may also be a good idea to take someone along who's done that hike before.

We made the long to the bridge with little difficulty, but on the way back, the unmarked trails (and our stubborn pride) got us stuck on a Cliffside for nearly an hour. We were certain we were going back the way we came, but the trail ran out and we thought we'd just skuttle across and it would did not, and we couldn't figure out how to get back where we started. Eventually we "slid" (fell) back down to the river as carefully as we could. Getting stranded was frightening, and for me personally, it will be a long time before I go again. I want to someday to conquer my fear and create a happier memory.

Though some say that it is hard to get lost, I beg to differ. There were numerous spots where the trail forked or all but disappeared. Nothing is marked once you get going and there is not always a place to walk near the river.

*** When in doubt, follow the most visible trail/easier option. (My scars are a reminder that sandstone does not make for good footholds while attempting to "Mt climb.") I'd give it 3.5 stars due to difficulty and visibilty of trails.