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Great freaking hike, I love how with the recent rains we've had have made it much more to enjoy & add to the difficulty to the hike!! Me and my girlfriend had a blast.

1 day ago

Hiked up Heaton Flats Trail and took Allison Mine Trail to the mine. Beware the Allison Mine Trail is not maintained, infrequently used and is deteriorating. After the mine (the intersection of the trail and Allison gulch) I was unable to find Allison Gulch trail. I ended up taking AMT back to Heaton Flats Trail. This added time and distance I wasn't entirely prepared for. Afterward I discovered I picked up a few ticks :/ Will try again from East Fork Trail to Allison Gulch to see where it went wrong. Take lights. PS be careful with the mine, one of the shafts in the lower entrance had little oxygen so I exited immediately. Oh and tons of yucca.

Great hike. Would have been better if we were actually able to make it to the bridge, but the recent rain storms seem to have made the river quite difficult to cross. We weren't able to make it more than about a mile and a half in. There were other people on the trail as well who had previously hiked it and knew the route, but were unable to make the river crossing due to the high level and rushing waters. Maybe if you go with the bungee company they bring tools to help cross the rushing river? But it was still a great hike! Had to do some bouldering over a few steep rocks, so it felt like an adventure! There was even a small waterfall! Definitely going to try this hike again when we haven't just had a rainstorm.

great walk...weather was perfect.....going back tomorrow

A great hike if you're looking for a good workout, with fewer hikers along the way, and awesome mountain views from up high. My Garmin watch tracked it at 9 miles total (that includes the .5 miles from the parking to where the trail begins ascending). Took 4.5 hours to complete at a steady pace and with 30 minutes of resting.

I've done this trail 3 times, including the time I completed the strenuous Iron Mountain, of which this path is the "easy" first 4 miles of the 7 miles to the peak. I would still rate this as difficult and not a trail I would casually take someone new to hiking or that's not somewhat fit... for that, Bridge to Nowhere is what most people drive here for.

But if you're looking for an uphill challenge that rewards you with scenic feedback the higher you go, try this hike. Be aware that a good portion of the hike is along the ridge and therefore in direct sunlight. I've managed well with 2 liters of water on a cloudier Winter afternoon. Have fun!

This is a really secluded and easy trail to hike once you find the trailhead. I went this past Saturday, January 7, and the trail was very pretty and green. Be careful if you go after rainfall because it was and can get very slippery on some of the rocks you have to hike on to get to the waterfall. Some of the more recent reviews have a very good description on locating the trailhead. Good luck, be safe, and have fun!

Though it's not the longest or tallest trail I've done, Smith Mountain is the most technically difficult. The first mile is a fairly steep incline followed by an easy 2 miles. Everything changes when you get to the saddle, though. The final 1/2 mile is a rugged and weaving scramble to the top. Some parts were nearly vertical, and it was slippery, as it had rained the day before. This trail must be blistering hot in the summer.

Beautiful trail! The hike in and out can be quite dodgy if you don't know what you're doing, but it is certainly a worthwhile trek to the bridge. Bring lots of water, snacks, and sunscreen. Also please port your trash out. There are places that are starting to look awful because people don't pick up after themselves. Also leave your tagging supplies at home. Stop ruining nature for the rest of us!

There were sections where crossing the stream was absolutely required for us and I wish I had planned my footwear better. The trail seemed pretty crowded, and while it is long, I would not call this hard. Rather moderate in my opinion.

My favorite hike of all time! Going for round 4 today!

14 days ago

Awesome hike, especially if you go on a cloudy day because you get so high up that you're in the clouds! The very beginning was a little steep, then the majority of it was a very easy slight incline--totally do-able for a beginner. It's the last .5 mile that is CRAZY. To get to the top of the mountain, you have to do a pretty intense scramble at a very steep incline, but once you get to the top it's SO worth it! When we were halfway up the scramble, we started hitting some fog and the further we went up, the thicker it got. By the time we finally made it to the top, the clouds were surrounding us and were so thick that we couldn't see anything more than 20 ft. away from us. It was absolutely amazing and definitely worth the trip.

Tips: Bring lots of water, and make sure to save a lot for the scramble. What made the scramble do-able was that there's probably 4-5 flat spots where you can take a break, so be sure to utilize those moments to catch your breath and drink some water! Also, we went on a cold day so we brought gloves which ended up being great for the scramble, I think it would have sucked doing that bare-handed. Happy hiking!

Great hike. Get to the trail head early so you can get a parking spot. Heavily hiked trail, super fun and testing. Will do again and again.

The first 3 miles are pretty routine but great for trail running. Would term the last 1/2 mile up to Smith mountain a Class 2 scramble. Very fun - was socked in with some snow on the ground when my brother, myself and Finn the vizsla wonder dog made it to the top.

This is a great hike if you want to Experience your first Snow hike. I didn't have Snow Spikes and wish I did. I did fall once at the start walking to the general store. But after I took out my Trekking Pokes all was well.

It was my first snow hike and it was so much fun. The Lake was Frozen but still a beautiful view.

We did take a detour but found the Lake nonetheless.

Amazing trail, great experience, for a person that loves hiking but doesn't have enough time in his hands, this was a great one to do! Yes it's a long distance and almost took most of our day BUT was all worth it! Was able to see rams and the trail it self up to the bridge is great!

20 days ago

We only did Crystal Lake to Windy Gap. Originally we had planned to go to Islip, but we barely made it to windy gap, as we werent prepared for that much snow. Great views hiking up this side of the windy gap, more enjoyable than hiking up the north facing side from lil jimmy. Although a lot of snow had melted by the time we went down, it was still tough trekking. Would be great to hike up this side again in the spring.

This was a great hike. It kinda kicked my butt, but I wasn't ready to hike that far. The river was a bit higher than normal I think. There had been some pretty good rain fall a week prior. I imagine if we'd gone right after the rain the river would have been even higher.

Bring a lunch! Had we had more food, we'd have been happier hikers, I think.

When we started out at 9:40am it was 36*f. We went Dec. 18th. We all wore a fair amount of layers, so it wasn't too bad once we started moving. I just wish I had on a windbreaker, sometimes the wind was cutting my layers. It was very windy at the bridge.

The bridge was very cool, knowing the history. All along the river you can see signs of the old smaller bridges and sections of road that washed out in 1938. I sort of wish the forestry service would utilize the bridge pylons for hikers to cross the river, but it just keeps things more interesting having to find your own way across.

This is a great trail! Don't be worried about it's rating of "hard". If you hike a couple of smaller trails here and there building up, then you can handle it. But just remember to bring extra socks, small towel or water proof boots. You will get wet in sneakers. The rocks are slippery and the trail crosses many times. Bring snacks and a lunch and lots of water too.