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trail locations for Azusa, California

It's a good hike. Well known busy trail. Not much shade for a good portion of the hike. I backpacked and camped past the bridge in the narrows. Solid Backpacking spot.

4 days ago

First half of the hike leading up to the bridge is fairly easy with some scenic environment & river/stream crossing.

The later portion is a bit harder especially in the mid day sun beating down. No cover as you hike up elevation with repetitive landscape of river rocks & boulders below.

If you're stopping at the bridge then it's a little disappointing. From pictures and videos seen online you assume it be big, but that's not the case. To really enjoy the area head down below the bridge and relax by the water. That's one of the few best thing I found about this hike.

5 days ago

Hard. Because we chose to clime shortcut, all ways full of tiny sands and rocks, huge rocks made trail easy to fall along. We had to use both hands to hold and support. I fell twice while we went downhills. It was sunny with a little shade. Please cover your face and neck with UV protection in case of sunburn.

I would recommend getting there early because it gets busy in the mid morning to afternoon hours.
Watch your steps, there's alot of river rocks which could potentially ruin your hike with a sprained ankle. I would recommend trekking poles. The trail does have multiple paths at some points so be mindful to watch out for possible "dead-ends" If you see a large group, just follow their lead and you should be fine. Everyone that hikes there is super friendly and helpful.
And depending on the type of weather, bringing water is highly advised.
Overall, the hike is awesome!

This is another favorite hike of mine. I highly recommend this one to anyone who enjoys hiking. Its a must. There are so many beautiful and unique things to see throughout the hike. In the past the water level was so high, when crossing I had to hold my backpack over my head. Best time ever. I cant say enough. I love this place.

Did this one on a Sunday and hit the trail by 7:30 am. Parking lot was pretty empty at 7 am but by 7:15 it was full. Easy hike, 12.5 miles RT done in 5 hours with a good pace and 1 hour lunch break. Lots of water crossings but fun to check your balance. You could get wet so extra socks might be a good idea. Not strenuous at all and easy for beginners however you do have to climb over some big rocks.

Love this Hike, so much fun I've done this hike twice and can't wait to go again. Definitely bring some snacks and plenty of water.

mountain biking
15 days ago

Fun trail to go up on with my bike and lots of Beautiful views. found this spot where someone made a heart shaped fire pit to the left of the trail when you go pass first marker. 2 tunnels with no light but you can see out the other side, when you out of 2nd one raid turns to trail on side of mountain over looking bridge to nowhere at the end. it's all up hill so be ready for legs to burn If on a bike lol

The trail was amazing, the lake a little low (very low) but my daughter and I had a blast. The views are amazing and if you see the little cafe and need a little snack its the perfect place. The owner was extremely kind and helpful!

I've heard from a few friends that this is a good hike but can get hot out there in the valley. They are 100 correct. Make sure to bring plenty of water. I actually finished my 64oz bladder just before the finish of the hike. I rate this a 4 as the creek scenery and the trail is awesome. It is a hard hike, not because it is steep, because it is strenuous on the feet and ankles. I am not a fan of hiking traffic or populated places, this place was filled with others that wanted to enjoy the outdoors as much as I did, for that I would skip the weekend hikes up there. Some hikers need to learn trail etiquette and not cause trail jams. There were plenty of others out there overnight backpacking and panning for gold. Lots of activity on Saturday which included a cool session of bungee jumpers at the bridge. I made my way a little further past the bridge to get some solidity from the crowds before I had to start my hike back.

I had the opportunity to do this trail on Saturday it was a epic hike need to bring plenty of water unless you bring a water filter and you can use the water from the stream to drink. Part of the hike is open and the sun hits hard; didn't make it to the bridge due to the heat but I will try it again in a couple of weeks. By far the best hike yet..

26 days ago

A serious hike not a stroll by the beach but beautiful scenery! A little of everything from crossing the river, multiple times, climbing up rocks, over fallen logs...resting under big shaded trees! Bring 4 bottles of water minimum, PB&J, granola bars, will need the fuel! Enjoy the hike!