trail locations for Apple Valley, California

This was a really great hike, and decently easy. Just very steep on your way back up and not much shading. You have to start from a private property. One of the workers/volunteers is Sycamore, she's a very nice lady and gave us very good hiking directions, the maps are junk but is doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand how to walk there and back. There is a $5 fee per person, totally worth it. Brought my dog with and everyone was cool with him and loved playing with him. There's a slack line hooked up over the water (lots of fun) and a bunch do nudist! No biggie though unless you can't handle naked people. Highly recommended. Please pick your up trash and be respectful, unless you want the National Forest Service to shut it down.

Nice trail....not too hard to stay on path. A little hard to find if not from the area. Bring water to enjoy the view from up top. Parking is on the dirt pathway before the trail. Will definitely come back to visit.

Nice short trail to the top of Bell Mountain. Pretty well marked and not difficult, but try to do it when it isn't so windy. Views at the top are great!

This place was beautiful.
Make sure to bring a car that can handle rough roads . DO NOT BRING A LOW CAR TOU WILL DAMAGE IT.
It is 5$ per person to enter .

Maybe mention that it costs $5.00 perperson!

on Bell Mountain

21 days ago

For a novice hiker this actually wasn't too bad for me!!! Highly recommended

23 days ago

Nice hike--a couple of steep parts but overall a very easy hike. The hot springs were not too crowded. People seem to do a great job packing out their trash.

Definitely bring plenty of water, especially in the summer. It can get hot.

This is a great hike and location. I originally went in the winter, which made the trek back up the hill much nicer, temperature wise. You must cross a creek to get to the hot springs. The creek was cold to cross but the hot springs are incredible. They're clean and don't stink of sulfur, like most hot springs.
1. Bring plenty of water. The hike back up is no joke. Especially in the summer heat. Think you have enough water? Bring more.
2. If you cross the stream in the winter, your legs will just about fall off. It's numbing cold. Use your empty water bottles to fill up with hot water from the springs and then dump them on your frozen legs after you cross back.
3. Take it in - Take it out. The creek stays relatively clean so please take your trash out with you. :)

Great hike. Hot springs are great. The directions on this page take you to Bowen Ranch. It costs 5 bucks per person to get through. If you show up before 7:00 AM the guy at the gate will get mad.

1 month ago

Steep, a lot of rocks. Trail is no longer visible after half way. Our two teenage sons said it was easy, even with it being 99°

2 months ago

I approached it on the west side so it was probably harder than going up the trail. But I did not want to drive to the east base because there is a lot of broken glass and junk on those dirt roads in the desert. You can park on Choco Rd. (which is paved) and the walk to the mountain. Little Bell mt. is just to the south of Bell mt. which is also a good climb. Bell Mt. is pretty much straight up most of the way. Take a hiking pole because there is a lot of loose rocks and gravel. Overall a good but hard climb. The flag on top is ragged so if I go again I'll take a new flag.

The hot springs are so beautiful! There are different levels of heat (they get hotter as you go up) and I love how they look over the rest of the creek. Bring lots of water!!!! :-)


2 months ago

It was a great hike, pretty easy on the legs. Easy to lose the trail, but other than that had a blast probably gonna go back soon

3 months ago

Great easy hike ... Nice to camp off trail and enjoy the mountain air ...

Really nice hike!!! We went a total of 2.6 miles round trip. It is super steep and sometimes slippery. It was a nice challenge. The trail is kind of hard to figure out at times, but this app helped a lot! I would say don't bring your little ones on this one!

One of our favorite local hikes. Can usually expect a good amount of people.

Easy 2 mile downhill hike to the creek, hot springs are adjacent to the creek. Hot spring water was hot hot, however a little pool has been created to mix the hot water with the slow running creek water making the pool very enjoyable to sit in. The water is clean, clear, and has NO smell! We encountered a few families, a young couple, and 1 respectful nudist. Bring sunscreen! There is a natural drinking water source located behind on the the hot pools which drains out of a copper pipe (very convenient for refills!). Hiking back out of the canyon to the parking lots is all uphill and can be very steep at times. However, it's only 2 miles. Very doable. Note* $5 entrance fee per person (not per vehicle) at the entrance to the parking area. We loved this little adventure and will definitely go again!