trail locations for Anaheim, California
4 days ago

It is the Happiest Place On Earth!!!! You walk, ride amazing rides. You can find any type of food! The BEST way to mix walking for exercise and having the ultimate amount of fun!

I go here almost every weekend. There is no funner way to exercise.

19 days ago

mountain biking
25 days ago

Please update, no mountain biking at trail head. Waste of an hour drive.

1 month ago

Tried to hike but NO DOGS!
Please note this in the tags for this trail.

Not a trail

2 months ago

The parking, restrooms and gate close at dusk (sunset) they open at 6:30am

It was a beautiful day lots of shade and plants.

3 months ago

You don't walk far before you get in a long line. Nice try. Did Disney pay you to
Put this here.?

nice lakes for duck watching and fishing. next to a free way so not a hike, just a walk.

you're behind a fence the whole time, cove on one side, neighborhood on the other. If I could explore the actual cove instead of being on the outside of an exhibit...

Don't mark this on your calendar.

4 months ago

Got my annual pass this year and been doing a whole lotta walkin around in here ever since!

4 months ago

Loved it. Of course, it's not a hike in the traditional sense of the word, but it's still magical.

It was beautiful. Lots of vegetation, shade and a great work out. loved it and will definitely will go back.