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Best Trails in Alturas

Burney Falls Loop Trail

Burney, CA

Burney Falls Loop Trail is a 1 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Burney, CA that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from April until October. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

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Squaw Peak Trail

Alturas, CA

Recent Reviews

on Pine Creek Trail
12 days ago

5 Completed3 Reviews

This is a great trail, with beautiful lakes and a meadow. the road in was in good condition. the trail is very nice. the trail is about 3 miles to pine creek basin, it will take about 90 min if you are semi-athletic. The trail does get steep near the basin. You can continue up to lake Patterson which will add about 1.4 miles (one way) to your trek and 2000 feet of elevation gain Great fishing, caught 7 fish the first day. I would rate the trail as easy to moderate, but if you continue to Patterson it will be hard. Also there is potential for snow in July so pack accordingly. (see pics, the snow and tent pic is July 10, 2016)

on The Summit Trail from Pep...
24 days ago

3 Completed3 Reviews

on The Summit Trail from Pep...
7 months ago

9 Completed1 Reviews

on Squaw Peak Trail
2 years ago

1 Completed1 Reviews

Wonderful trail. Very diverse terrain ranging from dry rocky ground to thick pine trees. Spectacular views of Alturas as well as views into Surprise Valley area and Nevada. Campgrounds for both people and horses at Pepperdine (the Trail head)

on Pine Creek Trail
2 years ago

9 Completed6 Reviews

Did this hike in June with my trusty companion Schubert. The Weather was perfect. The bugs weren't too bad, and the views at the end are great. All in all a great experience.

3 years ago


This is a good trail, some awesome views okay fishing. What else could u ask for