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1 month ago

Pretty view despite the falls being a little drier than we had hoped. One of the waterfalls was actually completely dry. Still a nice quick hike.

Quick trail to the top, then with a little bit of climbing you've got a spectacular view.

1 month ago

Fun trail. Broke off the path and did a little climbing. It was fun getting the wife and 7 year old to the top.

2 months ago

Easy trail. Good to start the kid off.

3 months ago

Extremely simple with little effort for a great view. I'd wait til it rained a day or two before to go. We went while it was pretty dried up but even then the corrosion and area around was amazing. Highly recommend for a good day walk.

3 months ago

Simple walk with not much to see. Neat that there is a hidden pond right next to Sugarloaf. Had no idea it was there until they re-mapped the area.

Yo son col stuf it be rel nic climbing dis mountain

We rented a boat & explored the lake and then tied up on the boat dock at Sugarloaf trailhead. Other people there used the water taxi and others kayaked there. It's a fun trail with beautiful views from the top. There were 2 Blackhawk helicopters flying across the lake-much lower than we were at the top. Wear good shoes-it's steep and lots of loose pebbles

Enjoyed the day along this trail

4 months ago

Trail was so confusing and misleading, there was at least five separate, legitimate trails and only one had any kind of marking, and that wasn't even the trail to get to the waterfall.
On top of that, the waterfall was barely a trickle, and after talkin to some locals I found that it doesn't get much better than when we went. A very forgettable experience

Not too much to see. The climb up the hill is fun, I wish there was more to it than just a short hike and climb. Nothing worthwhile on the top

This was a simple route with multiple small trails to get down to the falls. Very cool pictures of the falls! Watch out for spider webs!:)

The falls was beautiful, but the trail was difficult to follow. There is a very short trail to an overlook. From there, there are two unmarked trails left and right. We took the left, which led to the bottom of the falls. Some have clearly taken a shortcut that is much more steep. We did not take the path to the right, but I assumed it went to the other falls that I read about online. None of it was marked and my wife was not confident with my desire to charge off into the wilderness on an unmarked path with my children!