trail locations for Bella Vista, Arkansas

The Church is Adorable. The trail is short, paved, and well maintained. You can take your dogs but are expected to clean up their poo. They have little poop bags attached to each bench. It was cool to see once but not really a place to hike if that's what you are in to.

Overall a good trail. Lots of nice canopy. Nearly half the time, you're too close to roads, a home, and an RV park. Other half is beautiful.

I never did locate the actual trailhead for Blowing Springs. Instead, I came across an access point for the Back 40 trail, which, lucky for me, eventually joined up with the Blowing Springs trail. These trails are haphazardly marked and, as is typical with heavily-mountain-biked areas, have lots of little, un-official spurs and branches. It's a bit frustrating, but a pleasant walk nonetheless, provided you don't mind wandering a bit. We ended up a bit off on the way back, and ended up using the "where's my car?" feature of my driving app! Came out a few blocks from where we'd started on a residential side street, no big deal.

The trail map, available from a city-sponsored trails site, is almost laughably useless.

The lower trail, which runs along the bottom of the bluff line, and along the spring for a while, is really lovely. If you can manage to very carefully plan this out, and then also stay on your desired trail, this would an excellent hike.

Nice, short and well-maintained walk. A few segments have a moderate incline so those with wheels take care. The chapel is amazing and well worth the visit!

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Nice, well maintained walking/biking trail. Great mix of sun and shady spots with plenty of others sharing the route. Lake is nice with plenty of wildlife to view. Great afternoon getaway.

It's a nice trail, but that's considering that this is NWA, where there are people pretty much everywhere you go. My biggest complaint is that no matter where you go on this trail, you can't escape the noise of constant traffic. That considered, it's a pretty trail with a gorgeous, swimmable creek along the way. It's definitely family friendly and has a decent playground that intersects with it where you can stop and let the kids plays. Lots of areas for a picnic or to stop and play frisbee. Bonus: there's a little cave that you can climb up to and explore fairly easily. Overall a pretty decent place for a good walk.

Only 3 stars due to poor trail markings. Many times there are two different directions a person could go. I would suggest color coding them but who am I. Haha.

Very pretty trail. We crossed paths with four deer halfway through. Lovely time.

2 months ago

Even though it's predominantly a bike trail, it's definitely an enjoyable hike. The trails are completely shaded, so it's a good choice on a hot day. Lots of interesting rock formations, several small caves and decent elevation changes keep it interesting. Only saw three other people. The trail is well maintained. Hiked 5 mi and didn't see one piece of trash.

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Covered South Lower Trail and Cooper Spur... okay okay trails... Cooper Spur has stone stair case and rock formations. I would love to go back for the North Upper trail though.

Great hike. bring a snack in Summer. And plenty of water. Trials are not marked very well, so you may trekk additional length.

Fun hike.

Hiking lower trail is very beautiful.

This is a beautiful hiking trail. Some challenges throughout the trail.

Best trail in proximity to Bentonville. The only gripe is that the trails are not well marked. There are often divergent trails with no trailheads.

I love this trail, just wish they would fill the lake back up!!

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2 months ago