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This site is actually on hwy 341 south of Norfork.

4 days ago

Short, easy hike on a wide trail that goes through a pretty stretch of forest. There are some picturesque little hollows, and we saw a fox near the trailhead. This is worth a stop if you're in the area. It's almost more like a very long park than a hiking trail - good spot to picnic.

Nice paved trail right outside the nature center. Definitely not a "destination hike," but if you're at the nature center anyway, it's worth checking out.

A tad on the chilly and drizzly side equated to having the area to ourselves...which was fantastic. 3-4 really neat and accessible areas for the whole family; wife, four year old, six month old, and myself.

5 days ago

Wow, such an incredible trail. We went clockwise around the trail starting in the Northwestern corner. The trail is full of streams and water crossings. I only had to cross wet twice. Blazes are plentiful, just make sure you pay attention it's easy to get off trail on accident. We hiked the hard mountainous section last. Do not underestimate the difficulty of it. There are at least 5 significant climbs, we are both in good shape and had to take numerous breaks. Next time I may do the trail counterclockwise to knock out the hard part on day one. The rest of the trail is a breeze.

6 days ago

Have hiked this trail twice now. Beautiful forest, cool rocks/boulders, very beautiful creeks.

This was an awesome trip! It's a lil rough getting out but so worth it!!! Kids not recommended on this trail.

This is one of the best views I've seen on a hike. The hike down is uneventful, but once you get to the goat trail, the hike is so exciting. This is a must do for anyone within a days drive!

Very short trail and a beautiful area to visit in the fall.

This trail was a nice loop. Was expecting more from the crash site. People have clearly stolen what was left over the years. The trail takes you up a little climb at first, and then levels out for the rest of the entire bottom loop. You can take some rock steps up to the top loops foe better views, but nothing out of this world. A nice trail, but hasn't been taken care of as far as benches along the trail, and the restroom at the trailhead was horrible. An overall nice trail if you want to get out and stretch your legs and hear highway traffic while doing so. In my opinion, too many other trails in the area are a better way to spend your time.

8 days ago

This trail is amazing! There is so much variety in scenery and surroundings. It is a challenge especially the Athens Big Fork section, but that is also what makes it fun. Finished the loop in 2 days. Hiked this the Friday/Sat. after Thanksgiving and the weather was perfect - mid 50s during day and low 40s at night. The only trouble we had was that some side trails were not clearly marked. Took a wrong turn on a trail that led to a parking lot, another wrong turn on an ATV trail, and one more wrong turn onto a side trail. I suppose if we were more meticulous about looking at the map, or had sinked up our phone with an AllTrails map, we may have avoided some of these issus. But either way, I don't know why the paths couldn't have been marked more clearly. All-in-all was a loving trip!

The trail is well-traveled and, so, easy to find and follow. Coming back out is a good workout. It's all very much uphill. The views from Big Bluff are jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring.. you're going to need all of your best hyphenated words to describe this one!

I did a "choose-your-own-adventure" hike and went PAST the spur leading to the bluff, and on down to Granny Henderson's cabin, then on to Sneeds Creek and "Rocky Bottom." If you have the time (and the stamina - more elevation changes!) DO THIS. The cabin is just plain neat, and Sneed's Creek and the large, flat rock area (it's way better than I make it sound) are well worth the extra miles. You can piece together this hike from two described by Ernst in his Buffalo River book, or take a gander at the recording from me here. A basic idea of where you're going will get you there, though. Then head back the way you came, and check out the bluff on your way back.

THEN drive the 15 or so minutes further south to the Low Gap Cafe. The food is good, and the service is super-friendly.

trails were very clear. likelihood of getting lost is minimal.

Beautiful trail, but what the heck the trails are so poorly marked. When you get to the end and think there's no where to go- cross the river. It took us forever to find the right area. But very beautiful great swim once we got to the peace sign rock!

11 days ago

great trail, great views. a little crowded. well maintained and just difficult enough to make it fun.

This trail was a decent little trail. It starts out with some uphill switchbacks, but levels off for most of the lower loop around the mountain. I was a little disappointed with the crash site. I guess I was expecting more remnants to be left, but clearly the scavengers had taken their toll over the years. There is a nice memorial to the servicemen that lost their lives in the crash.
After you complete the lower loop, their are some nice rock steps that will lead you to the upper trails that will give you some nice views. Overall that trail was okay, but you can hear the cars travelling on the highway below and that takes away from any feeling of being in the woods on a nice trail.

11 days ago

My girlfriend and I completed this trail on a clear weekend in November. We did this trail after hiking the 5.6 mile Buckeye Trail the day before and camping at Katy Falls. The spur trail for the falls is only about .10 of a mile north of the Buckeye/Caney Creek Trail junction. If you are considering hiking this trail I HIGHLY recommend reading the narrative on ouachitamaps.com and bringing a map of course. The trail doesn't have mile markers or signs like other trails but is well worn. There aren't many great views on this trail but the Buckeye Trail we did the day before offered beautiful views. Viewing Katy Falls makes the hike worth it though. We had to cross Caney Creek several times on this trail but the water wasn't very high and we were able to cross on the rocks. This trail is also not very difficult as long as you are in decent shape.