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trail locations for Arkansas

where's the trail head again?... Little lost at first but found it.

19 hours ago

Fun to hike...whether you want a short family hike, you want to hit Quachita Trail go miles & miles (9 or so) then run off the end of the pier into beautiful Lake Sylvia at the campgrounds. Great for yoga paddle boarding; learning to yak or paddle board or float on tubes with kids or just swimming on the glass of water. Very pretty!

nice little hike with some good up hills. I went in late September and the cobwebs were out of this world-everywhere!! just be mindful if you aren't okay with that type of stuff- does not appear that the travel is well traveled enough to naturally get rid of that :-)

Worth the challenge...great calorie burn!

Took my 9 and 5 year old on the Leatherwood loop (which went by a different name on all signs). Trails were clear of limbs/debris and we had a good hike. Ran into a copperhead on the end of the trail that runs through the creek bed, but other than that, no issues.

1 day ago

Simple walk with not much to see. Neat that there is a hidden pond right next to Sugarloaf. Had no idea it was there until they re-mapped the area.

Great hike for beginners. Involves some climbing but worth the view.

The trail is only about 1 1/2 miles rountrip, but the first 3/4 is up hill. It is classified as Difficult/Hard, and it is that. The trail is very rocky and use caution going up and down. The view from the top makes it all worth climbing the up hill trek! Great 360 views. The trail branches off in several areas, and you want to make sure to stay to the left, for the best route to the summit.

Loved the views. Refreshing.

4 days ago

Short lakeside trail with very light use. This trail offers nice views of Lake Maumelle. It is short, but has potential to offer nice hiking close to Little Rock. Trail also has a variety of wildflowers along the trail and offers birdwatching opportunities. The park at the trailhead, Loon Park, is not used heavily but fisherman are often seen at the park.

The trail is a bit tricky to follow. If the water is low, you can just follow the creek. Takes the full day if you really explore it. You can also make your way to the top of the "eye of the needle" waterfall at the end if go around the left side.

Driving out to the trailhead is a little bumpy and narrow on dirt roads. Great trail with a great view. Loved the rock formation behind the "Crag" as well. Pretty easy hike.

A beautiful short hike with caves and a waterfall. One of my favorites but be careful and keep an eye out for Copperhead snakes! We recently hiked it and crossed paths with 5 Copperheads on the trail. I even stepped on one but luckily was not bitten. Other people said they saw some that we did not see so they were EVERYWHERE! I did look up online that we were right in the middle of breeding season for them so that was probably why we saw so many. All and all though it is a great hike and I will definitely do it again just after the snake mating season!

Was dry. not running at all. but beautiful scenery.

Road to the falls was accessible with our truck, don't bring a low car, and definitely not on a wet day. no major issues with our GMC Canyon making the trip. Will be bringing my parents back to this one.