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on Dogwood Trail

22 hours ago

In the past, I'd been many times. Earthen trail, except for the area that leads under the roadway, for easy on the body walking. Beautiful all year round.

In years past, I walked this trail in the fall. it was nice to see all the birds and wildlife.

amazing. sad that the caves were closed but still understood of why they were. The hubby and i will be back. :)

worth the hike

The trail is well-marked by white blazes, and seems to enjoy a lot of use. We saw one other couple hiking, a few bikers, and saw evidence of horses. That said, the trail is not abused. It's well-maintained, and we saw absolutely zero trash. Note that your dog is welcome to accompany you, provided s/he is leashed.

This isn't a feature-rich hike, though there's a nice view of the creek, and what is probably, in winter, a spectacular look at the valley. It's more a long, pleasant, meandering walk in the woods with a wide variety of plant and animal life to enjoy.

If you start the hike from the Townsend trailhead (check the recordings here or the park service website, not the official map above), the hike ends up being almost exactly 7 miles from the parking lot. This trailhead is also where you'd start for the Clifty Creek and Piney Ridge trails. The signage is excellent, don't worry about getting to and staying on the trail you want.

Did this trail yesterday. Disappointed no falls no water at all maybe bad time of year but what was the most disappointing is the trails are poorly make and you will get lost if you don't stay on the main trail. Ran into other people that were also lost and they had a GPS that said we were on the trail but there was not trail at all. Had to hike up the side of a hill through the woods to relocate trail.

So many miles of gorgeous trails spiderwebbing right through town!

Nice hike, plan on crowds though, everyone knows about it and this time of the year, it's a little over packed with people. If you go in the spring, less crowded. and early. But so worth the hike and the views of the colors and the rock formations. Great hike! Was easy but slight climb the last quarter mile out.

Best views in Arkansas to me. I have done this one before and would do again next weekend. Downhill to the bluff, make sure to turn right when you get to the crossroad to the bluff. the signs aren't always visible. We opted to go straight all the way across the bluff, to the other side, and followed a trail down to the river below. Moderated climb out but worth the views of the creek from below. Coming out of the goat trail up the horse road is pretty tiring. Take your time and make it a challenge and just know the pics are so worth it.!

1 day ago

Great views of a natural bridge you won't find just anywhere! short hike in and out, worth doing and take the camera!

This was my first hiking experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I took my 17 yo son and 5 month old dog and it was perfect. Not too long and so much to see and explore. Be careful for the drop offs. If you don't pay attention, you can fall several feet off the side. That's probably why they want dogs on a leash. This trail was perfect for us beginners. I'm hooked.

Pretty trail on the easy side of moderate. Some rock steps, but short and well-maintained. There is a cave on this trail that one could climb into without much trouble, if wearing the right clothes. 3.5/5

2 days ago

This is a really fun one. You stay pretty close to the lake the entire time. It is decently challenging. There aren't any long, steep climbs, but the terrain gets dodgy at times. The lookout over the lake on point 50 is awesome. If your rock hop your way past the small deck, there are some small rocks to jump into the lake from.

This is basically just a short sidewalk in the woods. Not much going on along the trail. If you follow a faint dirt path behind the pavilion at the top, though, it will lead you to a whole network of access roads. There is some fun to be had on those. It is all double track, but it actually makes for some fun MTBing. Lots of speed!

2 days ago

This is a trail that is very close to home for me, so I've been on it countless times. This is a good loop for how close to home it is, but if you're coming from far away, there are better trails. There is really only one scenic point on the loop. Going clockwise, the section after the vista is nice. There aren't any amazing views, but you get a nice, easy hike across the mountain to the OT intersection.

Like someone else stated, this is much more than the map shows. I did a chunk of the LOViT yesterday from the dam (the Far East) to the overlook about 5 miles east of Crystal Springs and back. A nice hike. Definitely a MTB trail, but still a good hike. From Brady Mt. Crystal Springs along the ridge of Bear Mountain is awesome. You can see the lake through the trees the entire time as you hike the length of the ridge.