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2 days ago

Was a great hike! Seems to be the best time of year right now with the temperatures low.

2 days ago

Great quiet hike. Great views from top, good vertical and distance.

Followed the track as downloaded but soon came to a fence with several signs "Private Property" No trespassing We respected the signs and did not cross over t continue the hike. Also the road directions are not the best and leads you down a barely visible road. we turned around and came in another way that was longer but easier on the sides of our vehicle. My recommendation is respect the property and signs and do not enter. We will attempt to find owner and seek permission.

3 days ago


One of my favorite hike. Me and my 3 and half old daughter go at least once a week . She loves it . Great views and beautiful wild flowers. It's our time together where we don't use phones or tablets. Recommend to everyone.

Attempted the summit halfway through a 150-mile solo dirtbike ride at 2:30PM. I consider myself an experienced, regular hiker (no mountaineering experience) but couldn't reach the summit safely. Temperature wasn't an issue, but snow/ice-covered scree led to no sure footing. Evening and freezing temps were approaching, forming some falling scree as I ascended 1/3 way up the chute. I turned around at that point, but I'm sure a pair of crampons and an earlier start would have gotten me to the top. Without snow/ice, I'd consider this no more difficult than the Cholla or Echo Canyon trails in town, but its potential for death should not be forgotten.

Beautiful hike and view, though, with a clear view of Humphrey's Peak 115mi to the north. The hike also showcases breathtaking evidence of the 1996 Lone Fire. The hike from the parking lot to the saddle and camp is easy for a family and a perfect opportunity for parents to teach children the importance of fire safety.

3 days ago

We went with snow on the ground and it was beautiful! Provides a different perspective than fall and spring.

Awesome hike... be prepared to get wet... you must go through the hot springs to get to the river..

Love this hike... a little difficult connecting the hot springs trail to this trail... worth it. Again, expect to get wet if you are doing the loop

3 days ago

Great hike with beautiful views from the top. Strenuous. There are no switchbacks. You take a jeep trail to the top. Radio tower and helipad at the summit.

3 days ago

Great hike with excellent views from the top. Strenuous. There are no switchbacks. You take a jeep tail to the top. Radio tower and helipad at the summit.

Easy hike. Well-marked trail. Decent views.

A decent hike near a beautiful lake. You have to buy an $8 recreation pass at the local marina (or elsewhere). The attendant at the marina won't take cards unless you spend at least $10. The trail itself is winding, mostly unmarked, and easy to lose and find again with the lake on one side.

This trail will beat you up! I hike La Luz in Abq several times per year and this jagged rocky trail is similar but tougher thanks to the volcanic geology of Humphreys. The saddle is only 2/3rds to the summit, but at that point you're committed to several false peaks before bagging the top of Arizona. Don't make the Arizonans upset by hiking off trail into their only chunk of tundra.

pretty views, especially fun for checking out local flora with out of towners. low stress, great for a mild december day hike!

family 1st time at PP. 5 year old.loved the out, but back was a little much for her. stunning views. busy trail. go to the 4 seasons for lunch after, awesome!