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trail locations for Tucson, Arizona
2 days ago

Great little hike for getting out of the house, a good place to watch the sunset over Tucson.

Loved doing this hike because it gets your heart going. The trail is easy to follow.

easy going hike, can take the tram to the trailhead or walk the blacktop. Once you get to the falls climb up the side and you'll find more pools that you can swim in.

Was a really beautiful and fun place, be ready to get wet cause some parts there was no clear way to go so through the water you must go. We are dying to go back once it rains. Make sure you bring plenty of water, it heats up fast in the mid-day if you are walking back up the mt. Over all we plan on going back soon. :)

Beautiful views. Love the saguaros!

Chola trail was our favorite

3 days ago

Great weather!

A little difficult the first time but rewarding!

7 days ago

A very beautiful hike. Very easy to slightly moderate trail. The path was poorly marked and a lot of people were having trouble toward the end when the path veered back then towards the falls again. Fortunately, there were people on the trail that helped out. The falls were beautiful and worth it. Saw a few squirrels playing at the falls. Noticed the tram ride was $10 - Ouch!!! We didn't take it.

If you only have an hour to hike before sunset, this is the perfect place! The full loop takes about an hour and you can get some great sunset pictures.

Nice paved trail to do at sunset

This is a great hike--waterfall, pools, petroglyphs, and desert. It has it all.

10 days ago

I would not call this trail difficult. The elevation gain is very spread out. However, in September the grasses were tall and the path was hard to see. I got lost once and spent 20 minutes scrambling up boulders. Fortunately, there was service, so GPS came to the rescue! It was decent exercise, but very hard to keep up heart rate on the way down. As mentioned, the trail is narrow and borders a cliff at times.
It was a beautiful hike, lots of wildflowers blooming. The meadow at the top was gorgeous.

Did the Super Trail round trip. There is a fork about half way up, there is a tribute to the lost boy scouts, stay right to stay on Super. It is longer than Old Baldy but I enjoyed it, much better views. YmThe hike was amazing. It had rained recently so all the creeks and waterfalls were running pretty good. There is a lot of vegetation growing over the trails so wear pants. I took 4 liters of water, drank 3. The hike is long but worth it. Highly recommended.

Where the trail starts to loop back go off trail, it's good stuff