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Lots of fun and some great views of sahuarita! it's pretty much straight uphill there and then a constant down on the way back. there is a little spring up near the top which is nice. path is pretty clearly marked too.

awesome hike. I can't wait to try it again and make it all the way!

Great day! Cool temps, started at at 6am until final half mile. Great forest trail with amazing 360 summit view. 9.25hr round trip to summit

Ran into a bear, which turned out to be a fellow hiker trimming trees along the trail and no bear at all.

Punishing hike for the ill prepared. Very enjoyable to do for unobstructed views of southern Arizona. Bring plenty of water and plan on a full days hike.

Great hike. Very long and challenging. Great views. Bring plenty of food and water.

Best hike in the area. Being from PNW and Midwest it was great to get a nice hike in the woods. Good challenge definitely a great tune up for rim to rim. Lots of rocks and uneven trail, especially higher up so watch for those ankle-bonk-ers. Views are petty stunning from the top but that's just half the fun here, the trail along the way is definitely equally as cool as the summit. I hit trail at 1145a. Summitted at about 3. Hour at the top and back down by 6. Definitely definitely encourage bringing a trekking pole for this trail.

This is not rated but I would recommend difficult. Elevation gain is nearly 2000' in just 1 mile and top altitude is 7400'. Not an easy stretch. We combined with Agua Caliente, Josephine's saddle and Super trail for a nice 8 mile loop. Once you get to the top great views. Overall great hike. We hiked in late march and there was still some snow on upper trail.

Not easy, even for an experienced hiker, but worth the effort.

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didn't know what to expect but it was good exercise.

Great hike to start practicing summits! Took old baldy trail up to Josephine saddle and then up to baldy saddle. From there, we took the crest trail up to the top of Mt Wrightson. Backpacking camp areas available at both saddle areas. Dog friendly!

The sign said drug smuggling and illegal immigration were likely in this area so we turned around and went back.

It's early November- my family and I just finished the trail. It's challenging for littles, going uphill from Kent Springs to Bog Springs, but overall was a pretty easy trek. A portion of the trail followed a running creek. We spotted 4 white tail deer along the way!

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I usually start this in Fish Creek canyon. It's got several hard climbs as a mountain bike ride in the grasslands and oaks. Perennial stream near where the trail enters the wilderness closing it to bikes.

Went up and down the old baldy trail. Trail was well kept, and easy to trek up. First hike in a long time so I was a bit winded and had to take a view breathers on the way up. Third time attempting, this time I made it to the summit! Definitely worth it. Amazing views! Sadly the summit was impossible to stay at for longer than a few minutes as flys and other bugs had taken over (just HORDES of them) but worth it nontheless. The mountain has a pretty crazy history as well!

We blundered into this trail accidentally and didn't have time time hike it. From the sign you can see there's also a Link Trail - the Link Trail went upstream. We hiked up the Link Trail for about 1/2 a mile and the Cave Canyon for maybe 1/4 mile. Both beautiful at this time of year (late April). Definitely will go back here and do the whole Cave Canyon Trail. I wonder if the Link Trail hooks up with the Arizona Trail?