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trail locations for Scottsdale, Arizona
10 days ago

do it early or else

It was our first hike in az and it was challenging just because we didn't know what to expect. But it was very rewarding and fun!

Steep uphill hike for the first half and great view at the top!

12 days ago

First time here. Facilities very nice, trail well maintained but narrow. Can be busy at times. Very beautiful and plenty of places to stop and view/take pictures. Btw DO NOT drink the gallons of water on the trail. There are for the new and existing plants. Enjoy...

This is a great short hike. If you get there early enough you can run most of it. Great views from all parts of the mountain. Trail is very well maintained and great bathrooms at the bottom!

18 days ago

Good hike, not too hard! Keep walking up sunrise trail for beautiful views, especially around sunset.

Awesome hike! Closes at 6:45 so make sure you get done before that

Awesome views, kinda hard on the way up but so worth it!

23 days ago

I have hiked this trail twice now. It is very fun and challenging. The giant rock (Tom's Thumb) at the end is a great reward and fun to adventure around. Both times I started this hike at 530 and was fortunate to watch the sunrise will hiking. Very well maintained hiking location with clean restrooms.

easy hike, nice view of scottsdale at half way point

Very good hiking and lovely view - well marked trail!

28 days ago

Like it a lot. Steeper coming up the north side of trail and a gradual decline on south side

28 days ago

Reminded me of Bedrock from the Flinstones. Nice hike and found a huge flat boulder to take a break on and look out over the city. Can get a little crowded. Would be a nice evening hike.