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trail locations for Prescott, Arizona

Nice workout with lots of path choices. Well marked trail with "dot" approach.

Easy hike with pretty views.

Wonderful views of Prescott and the surrounding areas.

This is a great hike but I can't count how many times we got off track. All I can say is follow those white dots on the rocks. If not for this app, we would have had trouble following the trail. Another couple that started when we did, didn't use this app and ended up on the road and missed the best part of the hike. I recommend going clockwise. The prettiest part is on the North end of the lake. Will definitely do it again.

8 days ago

Easy but a very pretty hike around the lake.

8 days ago

Trail was nice but we didn't know that it didn't go all the way around the lake. We got to the other side and it ended and had to make our way all the way back. Also there were a lot of small flying bugs so when hiking it was hard to not breathe some in.

Great hike! Pleasantly surprised by all the beautiful wild flowers! A great day

20 days ago

It's a fun hike with a few side trails. it could be a little confusing if you don't know the area. It is sad that the lake is extremely low and there is seaweed everywhere. I did my best to kayak out to the middle and it was about 4 feet deep. It's also free parking on Wednesday

One of my favorite hikes to do, if you are at the base of the mountain by the parking lot if you go left its paved all the up and it's way steeper and it zigzags back and forth up the mountain. If you go right it's less steep but it is unpaved. If you want to get an over look of Prescott and climb to the top, it may be a bit challenging for some to get to the top so it is not recommended. But if you plan on going to the top it is only closed from February 1st - July 15th.

20 days ago

I want to first state that this is a very beautiful hike. So much to see and lots of wild life: deer, birds, horned toads, and lizards. The app states the loop is 6.6 miles it is actually closer to 10, my friend and I were not prepared for this, so please plan accordingly. We hiked counter-clockwise. I think calling this trail moderate is fair. The scenery was amazing the watch tower was really neat, we went inside it as its welcome to visitors. The views were awesome! I highly recommend this trail, just prepare for the 10 miles. :)

Nice short walk from trailhead to Goldwater Lake. it's a well marked trail.

25 days ago

steep to start so no warm-up well marked. we veered off to other forest trails just past top. trail closed up to Butte itself.

scenic driving
1 month ago

Thinking there was just a bit of dirt road we were on a quest to get from Walker to Senator Hiway. Very beautiful drive. We wished our Tahoe was a smaller vehicle at times and the muddy road conditions added to the excitement. Glad we made the trek. We were surprised to see so many homes tucked back in those mountains. Not exactly and easy ride to get a quart of milk!

Great hike! Pretty steep at the beginning... We took the left fork and went clockwise. The trail up the left side was paved to the top. The right side is mixed, paved and dirt.

This is a great trail for new moms it's stroller friendly and there's places to sit along the trail if ur baby gets hungry

So beautiful! Just right for an early morning cardio getaway. So fresh after last night's rain. I did the 2 mile perimeter, lots of good rock hopping, ups & downs to keep the heart racing. Reminds me of Sedona.

1 month ago

This is a very confusing trail that is poorly marked. If you look at the trail map the upper portion has lots of direction options with no signage.. If you skip this part of the trail and walk along the lake you will find a very pleasant trail also good for children and dogs.

First hike for my kids. The older one was a trooper. The younger had a few complaints but overall A nice, leisurely walk through the woods.

This is one of our favorite hiking areas.
Not overly strenuous for too long with nice semi level stretches to catch your breath while still keeping on the move. Tons of great rocks to climb with great views. A number of lizards and skinks as well as birds but only a few rabbits so far.