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trail locations for Prescott, Arizona

super cool. climbing the rocks and seeing the view from the top! awesome time .

Beautiful day! great views, friendly people.....

5 days ago

This was a short but surprisingly fun trail. Litter-free, well maintained and marked trails with frequent maps posted on signs. Excellent views. A great trail system for kids.

Great hike! Scenery is beautiful!

off road driving
10 days ago

Fun trip, lots of utv trails to explore most of them i did where point to point. tree's are changing color very nice.
we plan on some other trips back up to explore

Great hike but could be better marked. The app is very helpful to ensure you stay on the trail although there is no service in the northern part of the loop. Highly recommended.

Got off the Watson lake trek by following the white dots and ended up on the Flume trek. Missed seeing the damn, and a good portion of of the lake. Oh, and lost cell / GPS services mid hike, thanks for compasses and maps!

19 days ago

This is an easy walk around a beautiful little mountain lake. There are a couple of bald eagles who nest here. We turned a bend and found one up in a tree just off of the path. It was pretty awesome!

September 28, 2016, I did the Lynx Lake and Salidas Gulch Loop Trails in the Prescott National Forest. Both trails were enjoyable and relatively easy.

One of the better trails we've been on thus far. Worth the pain:-)

Pretty trail with a lot of options. Not as hard as advertised. Some parts could be better marked, but we were able to follow the white dots just fine. Would definitely do it again with our kids next time.

Love this Moderate (not hard) trail for nature and wildlife birding escape whenever I get a few hours free working in Prescott area.

I did an out and back to the Spruce Mountain lookout...it wasn't too steep at the outset, but about halfway through I definitely noticed the terrain getting rockier and steeper. I thought it was lovely. There weren't too many people out! I wish I had had more time to do the loop.

What a beautiful way to spend an afternoon! A great workout, but not too difficult. Dogs on leash are OK. We only saw about 5 other people on a perfect Sunday. Not crowded at all and lots of free parking. Make sure once you get to what seem slide the top go left and up a bit more to the fire lookout tower. The ranger will let you come up and enjoy the views.

30 days ago

very beautiful hike

Nice workout with lots of path choices. Well marked trail with "dot" approach.

Easy hike with pretty views.

Wonderful views of Prescott and the surrounding areas.

This is a great hike but I can't count how many times we got off track. All I can say is follow those white dots on the rocks. If not for this app, we would have had trouble following the trail. Another couple that started when we did, didn't use this app and ended up on the road and missed the best part of the hike. I recommend going clockwise. The prettiest part is on the North end of the lake. Will definitely do it again.