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trail locations for Phoenix, Arizona

Great trail for a quick hike after work

Great to see the sunrise from the top! But get there super early or the gate closes due to a full parking lot.

I loved this trail today. Well marked, just the right amount of workout and beautiful scenery. I wouldn't rate it as hard..it's more of moderate. There were young children hiking it. Brought a gallon of water, and made sure my phone was charged 100%.. took lots of pictures

Beautiful hike! Steep, but not too challenging

1 day ago

Fun trail with a great view, but go early to avoid the heat!

I walked over to Piestewa Peak Park today. (I still think of it as Squaw Peak) Car trouble put me out on foot, so I walked over. 2 1/2 miles each way, so just the walk qualified as a hike all by itself. Alas, I got there and then realized I had forgotten to bring water, so I wasn't prepared to tackle the trails. I sat for a while and watched hikers on the summit trail. Then I walked over and took the Alternate Summit trail, which is a lot of fun and very interesting. It begins near the entrance to the park and continues up to merge with the summit trail. That trail is rough, and appears almost unused. I have been on it a couple times and have expected to see a rattlesnake or two, but haven't so far. Just a rugged trail. It does join the summit trail, but it's not that far up so not too bad. It's hard to find anything remote in this park, but that trail fits the bill.

Excellent hike!

Great panoramic views

Great trail with amazing views!

3 days ago

Trail is hard but worth it when you get to top. Lots of rock climbing to get to the top.