trail locations for Gilbert, Arizona

Has both paved and dirt trails. Nice easy walk and saw not only the birds but rabbits, bees and butterflies

Decent trail, very easy to get around for anyone but especially children or eldery/disabled people. Unfortunately we didn't get hardly any rain this summer so a few of the "ponds" were dried up. Lots of bushes and trees for shade, plenty of spaces with benches to sit and enjoy the view, or just take a little break. We saw a lot of bunnies, birds, and insects on the trail. Overall a nice hike for us and our 2 pups.

good for kids under 8

This was great! More of a walk than a hike, but the combo of paved and dirt trails, along with the tree cover and wildlife, make it seem like you're in the wilderness. There are several entrances around the park, and best of all, there's no fee to enter or park your car. Truly a special place in the heart of Gilbert! Looking fwd to future visits!

28 days ago

I have been here a few times. Just a few miles from my house and super peaceful. Both of my dogs have enjoyed this spot

Beautiful trail lots of options some paved some gravel. Easy walking plenty of benches gazibo and even restrooms! Love it!

Beautiful! Quiet. So many animals to see midday- ducks, rabbits, blue heron. Not too bad on a 100 degree day, either. Easy path to walk, great for kids and dogs.

Currently saw quite a few adults and kids walking and biking with their Pokemon apps.

3 months ago

I really enjoy this place. It's a great place to get away without actually leaving town. Peaceful, fun and lots of great critters to enjoy.

Perfect trail for the hot summer. Perfect place to get away from it all. Close to home but my dogs thought I'd taken them out to the wilderness.

We hit the trail at sunrise, it was beautiful! This is a super easy, very flat walk, ideal for any age or ability. For once I walked without Happy the Dog, and I was amazed to see how many dozens of cottontail bunnies came near!

What an interesting little gem in the middle of suburbia. Desperate for some outdoors and sunshine, I took a walk in the middle of a very warm day which made for a perfect solitude hike. Saw more wildlife in that mile walk than the 100s of miles I've traversed in the AZ wilderness...turtles, fish, ducks, bunny rabbits, hummingbirds, quail...even the serpentine tracks of a pretty good sized snake. Interpretive trails with lots of information about the preserve, vegetation, water cycle and reclamation, even a couple of nice campsites...and restrooms. A nice outdoor experience when you don't have time to drive somewhere.

4 months ago

Nice for a local stroll with plenty of feathered wildlife. Best time is at sunset.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Nice area to ride around and great to walk it if your not in a hurry.

5 months ago

This was essentially my back yard growing up. From fishing when I was 5 to training for cross country when I was 15. Love this place. Good for all ages and won't disappoint!

Beautiful area with multiple trails.

it's a nice walk. My only issue is that while walking down a few of the trails you cone to either a locked gate and have to go back instead of being able to walk around the whole place or come to a dirt mound blocking the trail. It would have been nice if they would have put up a sign saying closed access.
the pond they have for fishing is nice, saw one guy bring out a 2foot catfish which he took a pic with then released it which was nice. then do need to clean up the garbage floating in the waters edge.