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trail locations for Flagstaff, Arizona
2 days ago

Easy trail to walk. We took the loop going NE and IMHO was the better route as the end has you overlooking the picturesque town below. We went in mid October; perfect time to see the autumn colors in the trees.

My girlfriend and I didn't start the hike until 1:40p.m. We started the Abineau Trail first. Which was probably I believe the best way to start. I wanted the incline done first before descending down on the backside of Bear Jaw Trail.
Even though we are late to see the early stages of Autumn through the trail. There were plenty of scenery to see throughout the loop. At this time of the year. The weather is obviously a lot cooler. Today was really windy and cold going up. I wouldn't change it for what it's worth to see. By the time we got back to the trailhead. The time was 5:15. I would definitely hike the trail again in the future.

Wow!!! Hiked mid October. Gorgeous!!! Definitely coming back same time next year to camp and spend an afternoon hanging in a hammock in the trees! ❤️

I think the full map offered by AllTrails is so silly in that it begins the mileage from Hwy89. You have to DRIVE from 89 onto 552 for approximately 4 miles before you get to the Trailhead for Lockett Meadow. & nowhere does it mention that Lockett meets up with Inner Basin until you're 1.7 miles in. Very poor app for this trail, however I managed to get my very nice & challenging 12+ hike in without its help. I did Lockett to Waterline to inner Basin to weatherford to the saddle...then back the same way. Btw, all the aspens had lost their leaves over the last 2 days due to excessive windy conditions.

Great scenery and good escape from the heat of the valley. As I read here... bring bug spray!

This was a difficult hike. The wind was super strong making it difficult to get to the top. Remember to bring gloves and a hat it's cold up towards the peak

Great hike our devices said it was about 10-11 miles round trip . Counted only 24 people on trail and only 12 that went all the way up to lookout.

Beautiful hike and very easy. October was ideal with all the leaves changing! Unfortunately it's very crowded driving o what is one lane in several areas.

mountain biking
7 days ago

Fun! Went to this trail to escape the heat and it was great. Not too technical but some focused sections required effort. Mostly pine forest soft trail. Some rocks and inclined to navigate but much easier then Sedona trails.

7 days ago

Nice, easy trail, with a steady incline. Mostly pine trees, with some aspens. Enjoyed the peaceful scenery and the view of the peaks.

Very intense and inclined hike!

on Buffalo Park Trail

9 days ago

Amazing views. Kids loved the little obstacle courses on the way. can't wait to come back again!

Long trail to the top of AZ well worth the pain.

9 days ago

Beautiful views. We started with Abineau trail first. This seemed easier to climb up with the dog rather then going down. It is steep and somewhat rocky. Weather was amazing and the fall colors were just great. We also saw many deer towards the end of the hike/day. The hike took over 5 hours with lots of stops to take pictures. Recommend driving out in a truck or SUV that can handle the dirt roads. AWD came in handy for me.

9 days ago