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The hike was great with wonderful views and wasn't too trafficked. Getting to this trail is fairly easy but you'll pass several trail head parking lots on the way up, the dirt road is in good condition.

Really this area is considered dry lake hills, but the trail is not called dry hills lake. Because it is a loop either follow this route or it in the opposite. I suggest also taking a photo of the map at the sunset trailhead

Start on sunset trail (just left of the trailhead signage) and continue to the brook bank trail (take a right at the sign about wildfires), if you go left instead it's a short out and back with decent views. Continue on brooksbank and you will pass a small pond just off the trail. Past the pond you will end up on an out of service forest road (unsigned) and will see signs for Schultz creek loop where you can finish the loop.

Be warned that there are many turn offs because of the trail system up there. There have also been an increase in bear sightings.

This trail is great if you are really into geology or are in need of a shorter hike. It was super easy and had some paved parts for greater accessibility.

13 days ago

13 days ago

We went on Thanksgiving day, just a few days after it had snowed in the area. There was a bit of snow, some partially melted, near the start of he trail, but once you were about a half-mile in, it was a full-on winter wonderland! The snow wasn't so thick that you needed snowshoes, so it was a perfect hike to still do with our near-7 year old daughter. It was only her second time seeing seeing snow, so there were a number of stops to throw snowballs :-). The temperature rapidly dropped by the time you got toward the end of the trail, so be sure to bring layering options depending on your cold tolerance (it was low 20s and windy). The snow at the top of the trail was completely pristine. A beautiful hike!

14 days ago

Hiked here a few weeks ago...absolutely gorgeous! It can be a strenuous hike all the way to the top..for me I'm guessing it was mostly due to not being used to the elevation. Hanging out at the top in a hammock with my best friend made this one of the best experiences ever.

15 days ago

The hardest hike I have done 'yet' I left at about 11am and didn't return back until 6pm. I got down right before the sunset. I packed light, I brought a DSLR camera 3 snacks and a water. Once I got to the top it was such an amazing view of the highest point in Arizona. You can see the grand canyon and much more. The time I went the winds were super intense I would say it was 50-70mph winds that I was being pushed by the winds, so I didn't stay on the top long. And there is a few false summits so don't stop until you see the sign. A few notes: Plan a weekend to get used to the climate because the elevation can kick your butt. Bring plenty of food and water. Bring a wind breaker for the top. Bring a camera/phone for memories. And eat a big meal before and after. And get an early start.

Ups and downs are great when starting, but not pleasurable when returning. Reviews before me described the trail very well.

17 days ago

19 days ago


on Humphrey's Peak

20 days ago

Great time! Defiantly harder then expected with the elevation... especially when your from San Diego! There seams to be another loop that goes to the other side to locket meadows... maybe next time!

23 days ago

I loved this cave, not much is needed, just a sweatshirt and a headlamp. The terrain was rocky, but not bad. The only thing that was a bummer, lots of people were going in and out. Great starter cave

for me it was difficult but i like it.

23 days ago

I did this a month ago, twice within a week. What was I thinking? After that, I couldn't walk for few days. Very challenging but worth it. Definitely will do it again.

I'm sorry Hoang, I misspelled your name.

just did the trail today, and it was GORGEOUS!!! Thanks to Huong, I was able to calculate the time accordingly, thank you.

24 days ago

So worth it, making it to the top. I finally made it on my third try. I started late on the other one and was too late to make it to the top. So, I had to come down, and thank God for one guy who actually came down with me. By the time we got back to our car, it was dark. Must hike this mountain!

26 days ago

Easy accessible trail, a lot of ups and downs with some flat stretches going through meadows with beautiful views. The continuing trail after the ridge could be better marked, but definitely a great workout.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Trail easy but it had it challenges for novices like us. Small outcroppings of rocks along the entire way dispersed 50 to 100 feet or more a part, some closer. Definitely had to keep your eye on the path as there were also single rocks along the way with patches of smooth clear writing of dirt. The only people we saw was one group who was hiking out and that was it. We had the entire rest of the trail to ourselves. It winds through Pine trees and woods and the scenery really doesn't change all that much but it was very beautiful on a clear crisp autumn day around 60°. Perfect weather, very nice trail. The parking lot was nearly full we took the third to last space. There's also a forest service road that can be biked and many other trails in this area. I recommend this trail!