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This hike was beautiful but definitely not your All Trails "difficult hike"! It really is a challenge with three falls summits, and a cold breeze at the top so bring layers and gloves! Also don't hike this in athletic shoes you need a good pair of true hiking boots. The trail is well marked ,but had a lot of roots and loose gravel so watch your footing and give yourself plenty of time for the ascend and descend! Try also to go a day before to adjust to the altitude change! Overall worth the magnificent view of the valley!

i did the summit hike, it is a little steep and once you get closer to the summit i found it hard to see the trail. i had to stop and let someone go ahead of me so i knew where to go. overall easy hike with a great view. convenient because i live 5 minutes away as well!
definitely try it out!

on Devils Bridge Trail

1 day ago

Quick hour and a half hike with amazing views the entire way and a reward at the end. Bridge was really cool. Missed the cave.

What a beautiful way to spend an afternoon! A great workout, but not too difficult. Dogs on leash are OK. We only saw about 5 other people on a perfect Sunday. Not crowded at all and lots of free parking. Make sure once you get to what seem slide the top go left and up a bit more to the fire lookout tower. The ranger will let you come up and enjoy the views.

off road driving
1 day ago

Beautiful! Be hands free as you will need them on the steeper climb.

This trail is as difficult as it is rewarding. Almost immediately upon ascending, you get a preview of the wondrous view the peak will promise you. The entire terrain is strenuous, but still doable. It's consistent steps up, up and away. No pets allowed, so it's all people struggling to get to the top. Once at the peak, there are many differentiated flat rocks to sit on and enjoy the 360 view. I intend on returning to have yet another fun day of climbing and cherishing this beautiful trail!

1 day ago

Easy trail that has varied scenery. We added the early part of the Templeton Trail before returning to Baldwin Trail. This is a very nice bonus. The eastern half of Baldwin goes along the backside of Cathedral Rock.

Started at the Sunrise Peak trailhead and went over the mountain to the Lost Dog trailhead, a total of 10.6 miles per fitbit. Very easy to follow. It ends at the Sonoran Preserve, which is lovely because there are real bathrooms (: this is my favorite hike in the Phoenix area! Gorgeous views and a moderate hike. Good training for canyon hikes.

I have been here a few times. Just a few miles from my house and super peaceful. Both of my dogs have enjoyed this spot

off road driving
1 day ago

Steep in parts but plenty of folk around to lend a hand.

1 day ago

Beautiful trail, gorgeous day to hike with the pup!

1 day ago

Nice flat trail. This trail is in the usery mountain pass park which is cool because there are lots of trails, bathrooms, picnic tables and even an outdoor gym inside. Perfect for dogs, kids, running, walking and biking. This trail connects to different trail loops also which is nice if you want to make your walk a little longer.

Outstanding, with beautiful views. Feels like you are way out in the desert, but when you top a crest you get an awesome view of downtown Phoenix in the distance.

2 days ago

Great little hike for getting out of the house, a good place to watch the sunset over Tucson.

easy going hike, can take the tram to the trailhead or walk the blacktop. Once you get to the falls climb up the side and you'll find more pools that you can swim in.

Loved doing this hike because it gets your heart going. The trail is easy to follow.