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trail locations for Arizona
5 hours ago

Hiked all the way down Coldwater Trail and back. Very easy & a bit boring, but the solitude was nice. Didn't see anyone late Saturday morning.

Has both paved and dirt trails. Nice easy walk and saw not only the birds but rabbits, bees and butterflies

Great hike! Gorgeous

Informative visitor's center. Lots of fun excursion trails to take and bathrooms along the way. You can ride the tram and hop on & off anytime for $10 adults and less for kids. We just went up for an hour then had to turn around.

6 hours ago

Very flat 92% of the way with a beautiful paved-like trail that's natural. Would love to do it again and wander the different sections in this national park. Go early for the cooler weather.

6 hours ago

Long and hard

6 hours ago

A really nice trail,one of the best so far...well marked & fun!!

Great panoramic views

Awesome views, pretty darn steep coming back out. Can't wait to see it again.

17 hours ago

18 hours ago

Excellent view . Very moderate. Rocky in some areas.

I love this hike because I live in Tucson and it's halfway between my sister in Phoenix and I!! I love how diverse this hike is from the steep incline, to the rope sections and the saddle. Its easy enough almost anyone can get up with some motivation. Dogs are welcome up to the saddle, although I wouldn't take them much farther as they won't be able to get up certain sections, or down for that matter.

The hike was an easy 10 miles, only 1000 or so feet elevation gain so even inexperienced hikers could make the trip! We decided to see both waterfalls in one day and this involved some bushwacking. We camped near the hot springs in child's and this was the perfect way to ease our muscles after a long day of hiking.

20 hours ago

Need a high clearance car to get there, if not then you can just hike a few more miles to get to the beginning of the trail.

Awesome hike. Wouldn't recommend for young children or anyone who isn't confident in their ability to hike steep rocks. Great scenery though and just enough of a challenge for those who are more experienced.