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8 hours ago

Challenging hike. Moderate is a good description. Going up the Kings Canyon side is and down Gould Mine was a really fun way to do it. Pay at the visitor center prior. Cards accepted there. Total time, including a short stint on a wrong trail, right at 5 hours. Enjoy the views and rocky terrain!

Easy hike with great views!

9 hours ago

Very beautiful in December, the leaves changing where breathtaking! We went all the way to the falls which is NOT easy but moderate!

9 hours ago

Loved the trail, the parking lot located right near the main street which is easy to access. I came on thursday afternoon and there are only 3-4 cars in the parking lot. This trail is hard but not extremely. It does have steep slopes and loose rocks which reminds me of the Elden Lookout trail in Flagstaff. Wearing appropriate shoes is recommended, there will be few parts that you have to climb over the rocks but they are not really dangerous though, those are good challenges. You may have to be careful on the way back, don't trust those little evil rocks :) i would wear a long pants in this trail since it is invaded by bushes and cactuses. The view on top will cover the oro valley area and part of tucson, very nice. Overall i rate this trail 5 stars since there are few good things about this trail. 1- easy to access 2- challenging (good workout) 3- short which means less time consuming. Good luck;)

10 hours ago

Great workout-hike. Eat whatever you want for dinner after this one; your going to burn a ton of calories! Nice scenery, but views of a small rock/gravel quary for the first couple miles or so. Nice rock formations for photos. Unfortunately the spring was completely dry.

11 hours ago

Took the tram to #9. There's a slight hike up to get to phoneline. After that it's 90% downhill. Don't think you're taking the easy way out by doing this though, after a while you really start to feel the burn in your thighs. Such a beautiful hike, even through the lower desert area.

This was my first hike in Tucson. I was not prepared especially being new to AZ, it being 100 degrees and not used to hiking mountains. Although we started around 7am, I thought I was going to die a few times going up. Once we got to the pools I felt so accomplished. After some rest, cool down and a snack we headed down. That was a lot more fun for me I was practically running. 7 hours, 8-10 miles and 6,000 calories burned. Definitely avoid summer months when doing this, but do it!

I'm new to Tucson and new to hiking.... I didn't complete this trail (when I hiked it late November) because as I got into the shady hills it was pretty chilly. I will say that although there's an incline of 2000 ft, it really doesn't feel too crazy. It's a very gradual incline. I cannot wait to hike this again, I stopped a lot to turn around and vocally said "wow" multiple times haha. But beware of rocks, when you go down, it's a little hard not to fall if you like going fast. I definitely recommend this trail!

fun, beautiful and not difficult.

off road driving
13 hours ago

It was a lot of fun. Went with some out of town friends and the hubby. We all had an amazing time. We drove an element and it got through everywhere pretty easily. Recommended for sure!

Great trail for anyone

The hike was enjoyable as it offers a variety of views and climbing activities.

This is a workout more than a "hike". Busy always but if you are looking for a workout you won't be disappointed. The view on top is wonderful and yesterday they even had a Christmas tree decorated on top!