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22 days ago

My Kids and I hiked this trail in an excursion while on a cruise. Strenuous hike. We didn't make it to the top as I didn't want to miss our ship departure. Several mile hike from the dock to the trailhead. We could have had the time but watched salmon in Ketchican. I didn't have phone service to track the hike so not sure how close we were to summit. Definitely a climb but beautifully wooded.

Great views!

6 hour hike roundtrip which included walking from Tatsudas to the trailhead, geocaching, two sandwiches and a long stop at the summit. excellent hike! Definitely a tough one with a lot of stairs and uneven terrain but the views are worth it. you can see all of the Tongass Narrows, ketchikan, surrounding lakes, metlakatla, Prince of wales, etc!

Great and hard!

Easy trail with a great lookout of the Tongass Narrows. There are 3 trail heads: one at the university, at the beginning of the bypass, and on the bypass close to the library. Short, steep walk up from the cruise ships up Shoenbar to get to the trailhead in the bypass and you can catch the bus back from the university. The bus comes every hour.

1 month ago

Nice hike to the lake, didn't catch any fish

Great! For us it was cloudy, so it was slightly disappointing view from the summit (all white), but the trail itself is beautiful. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Amazing!! I'm new to hiking in Alaska, and so Dear Mountain was my introduction to what Ketchikan and AK has to offer. I've read that Dear Mountain is one of the most climbed mountains in all of SE AK because Ketchikan is the first stop in AK and because of the high volume of cruise ships and tourists coming through. It's pretty common to pass several people on the way up or down the trail. Dear Mountains elevation is 3,000 feet, so it's just a baby compared to most AK mountains, and it's a great place to start for anyone who is moderately fit and serious about hiking. That said, it is a challenging hike. It's about 3 miles to the top and 3 miles back, not to mention all the roots, mud, rock, etc, so I recommend taking your time to enjoy it. I would take a whole day to do this hike if I were you -- otherwise you're rushing and missing the point. There is also a junction near the summit where one trail leads to the summit and the other trail leads to an A-frame shelter which is available on a first come first served basis. After the shelter, the trail continues on to the Blue Lake shelter at Blue Lake and onward to The Silvis Lakes. That section is called The Silvis Lake Traverse and it's nearly 15 miles of trail. I haven't don't that section yet, but I look forward to attempting it soon. Will report back on that later.

Hard but very beautiful :)

Very easy :)

3 months ago

Steep and difficult. But the summit makes it well worth the climb. Great views from the top. Absolutely beautiful.

3 months ago

4 months ago


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The trailhead was off.. we picked up the trail at the very end of Canyon Street. It's a beautifully maintained trail. The lake is beautiful and you can take a stroll around for an easy option. We continued up the trail through lush forest and streams. We hiked an additional mile (at least) beyond where Alltrails indicated. We heard from a local, that the trail was just extended recently. We continued until we came to a small waterfall just above the tree line at which point we turned around but we could've gone further for a view of the ocean.

1 year ago

We checked in at 7 am went up to the upper lake. first 2.4 miles is ok but make sure to do the 1/2 mile to upper lake. The trail is very pretty and lots of stairs. Took our time's checked out by 10am

1 year ago

It was an amazing overnighter backpacking. Got a good workout and the views are worth it!
Some of us even swam in Blue Lake! Northbird is worth summiting. The mountain goats are sweet to see as well!