Best Trails near Anchorage, Alaska

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on O'Malley Peak Trail
18 hours ago


This was a great hike, a lot of great views. I was going to follow the main trail map, but when I got to the little lake before hiking up to the peak I went around to the left of the lake and hiked up a ridge. when I hiked down following the map, it's a lot of loose rocks but it's easier than climbing a bunch of jagged rocks.

on Flattop Mountain Trail
4 days ago


Just hiked this yesterday in the rain. Bring layers. Had to take off the fleece jacket under my rain jacket to hike up but I definitely needed it up on top and wore it on the way down. Even in the rain it was fun. My calves got a good workout. Like everyone else said you are using your hands at the end to climb the rocks to the top. The view would have been better on a sunny day but it was still awesome to be up there and lookout. We were above the low lying clouds which was cool.

on Flattop Mountain Trail
6 days ago

One of my favorites! Good year-round, just make sure your hands are free as you'll need to use them to scramble at the top. Top is usually windy (cold!) no matter the season, so bring a jacket. Ice axe is helpful when the snow is thick, katulahs all winter. Go on to Peak 2 and 3 if you are up for more adventure!

on Kincaid Trails
8 days ago

Ok. Lots of motor cross noise. May be better on another day. Nice little walk in the woods

on Flattop Mountain Trail
9 days ago

Loved this hike. Little slick on the way down and it was a little bit of a challenge. Met really great people. Excellent choice

on Campbell Tract Loop Natio...
15 days ago


great easy trails if you're looking to do an easy pace and just relax. Beautiful year round picture opportunities of the main bridge.

on McHugh Peak Trail
23 days ago

Great walk when we went. Closed now because of wild fire

on Flattop Mountain Trail
24 days ago


Definitely a lot of climbing if your not used to it. Not terribly difficult

on Middle Fork Loop and Hill...
25 days ago


Lovely. Nice and easy, a welcome change from Flattop or McHugh.

on Wolverine Peak Trail
27 days ago

Good hike, lots of loose rock toward the top. beautiful view of Williwaw and Long lake

on Flattop Mountain Trail
27 days ago

beautiful hike and views. awesome to pick and eat wild blueberries along the way!

on Flattop Mountain Trail
28 days ago

I've hike this trail more times than I can count. It's a 5 on must do but really just a 3 for difficulty.... Depending on how in or out of shape you are and weather conditions could play a factor.

on Williwaw Lakes Trail
28 days ago

Fun and steady going hike

on Tony Knowles Coastal Trai...
28 days ago

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