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trail locations for Anchorage, Alaska

Didn't make it all the way to the top but the first 3 miles were beautiful with the snow!

The power-line pass is an easy trail. But the 2 miles to hidden lake are not easy at all if you are out of shape. Took me 3.5 hours to make it to the lake. It's worth every step and plenty of areas to rest with great scenery.

A nice trail if you want to go for a walk and get out of the city while still being in the city.

Not a bad trail, stroller friendly

13 days ago

What a hike. Easy path to follow, rewarding with its views, and wildlife to entertain you on your hike up. Didn't see a bear but plenty of moose. There's a period where you undergo a long, steep incline-- so the difficulty is measured as it should be--- difficult. The snow caps enhanced the landscapes beauty - as well as its chilliness but all so gratifying. Enjoy your hike as I have!

15 days ago

Starts out easy, then about halfway in it just goes up, and keeps going up. Little break when you get to the first ridge line, but then it's a steep climb again to the summit. Great views all around at the top. Coming down the loose gravel can make the trail slick near the summit, but nothing major.

on Earthquake Park

17 days ago

visited many times for walks and viewing 2013 thru 2015. great place for pics.

on Seward Highway

17 days ago

awesome. great drive from anchorage to Seward. did it in January, June, August multiple years 2013 thru 2015.

Great trail for cycling! You'll almost definitely encounter moose - and probably not just one but several. The trail also provides scenic views of Anchorage, the surrounding mountain ranges and Knik Arm. And if you are into plane spotting: Point Woronzof at milepost 4 is right by Anchorage Airport's runway and a good place to watch the jets land and take off.

Easy day hike with beautiful views of Anchorage (first stretch) and chances to encounter Dall sheep.

mountain biking
25 days ago

Awesome trail! Not too strenuous with magnanimous opportunities to see moose and the beauty of anchorages coast. I'm my experience, a moose dashed out of the woods within 5 yards away after earthquake park, exciting and scary , but I lived to write this review. Wouldn't trade that memory for anything in the world!

mountain biking
27 days ago

Had never mt bikes before this - had SO much fun

mountain biking
27 days ago

So many trails to explore

Good hard hike and a great length. Bummed that the top was socked in. Will have to do it again!

Fun, quick and you get great views. The rocks make for an enjoyable scramble.

28 days ago

Very easy walk, that leads to a small over look that looks out over the Knik Arm and Anchorage. This trail meets up with the Coastal Trail at an interesting intersection. Very short, very easy, family friendly that could lead to an all day long walk along the water. Go to Anchorage or to Kincaid Park, the choice is yours.

30 days ago

A lot of scree. Wish my boots had better grip. Beautiful views of city

1 month ago

i made it to the saddle and back. i would rate the trail as difficult too.