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trail locations for Alaska

Didn't make it all the way to the top but the first 3 miles were beautiful with the snow!

October 22, 2016. Hiked this with 2 workmates. We started late, 2:45pm, and with sunset at about 5:30, we kept an eye on our time. We stopped a few times for pictures, and at about the 2 mile mark, got to a great observation point. We took more pictures and decided to turn around to be sure to have daylight for some of the trickier stone steps. Delightful woods, creeks, bridges and of course the view of the Glacier and lake. We covered about 4 miles in 2 hours.

We had to delay our hike due to flooding in mid July. This meant we had to shorten our hike by one night. National Parks did a great job re arranging our itinerary. It was an amazing 4 days.. Lots of fog over the pass but apart from that the views were great. Highly recommend it

3 days ago

Great family hike in easy to access alpine. Marker showing start is incorrect. Follow road to end gate. Trail goes along old road quarter mile before going up to the left near a large waterfall. Map does show but there are two alpine lakes above the waterfall. Higher lake has ice bergs throughout the summer. Brought elementary age girl up for first overnight backpacking trip. Great hiking with snow fields above lakes.

4 days ago

Very steep hike with 5 or 6 false peaks... don't be discouraged, the view is well worth it!!! Be prepared to hike through snow, there's was about 6 inches accumulated from around 80% up.

The power-line pass is an easy trail. But the 2 miles to hidden lake are not easy at all if you are out of shape. Took me 3.5 hours to make it to the lake. It's worth every step and plenty of areas to rest with great scenery.

7 days ago

Mild hike, innumerable amounts of mountain goats- bring binoculars. GORGEOUS LAKE ... beautiful hike. Plenty of spots to rest, if you continue to hike the peak it can be quite steep. No snow on the trail whatsoever when I hiked it. Enjoy, be safe and never stop exploring.

Beautiful hike


West glacier trail is nice and easy with a few nice viewpoints. No jokes about it, this is a long steep hard climb to the top. I was able to see Mt. Fairweather over the Chilkats. I dropped down and had lunch while looking at Mendenhall towers.

A nice trail if you want to go for a walk and get out of the city while still being in the city.

Not a bad trail, stroller friendly

8 days ago

Steep and quick climb.

Awesome for my first hike! The forest was so comforting

10 days ago

Beautiful easy hike, lot's of options and well defined trails. I enjoyed the history of the trail too.

11 days ago

Short, but great view of Ketchikan

11 days ago

Nice, well maintained trail. Lots of old growth.