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trail locations for Alabama

Awesome scenery!! On one side huge towering cliffs and coves and on the other side the sipsey river!

2 days ago

Beautiful view! There was one point where I lost track of the blazing at the bottom. Go left. Not right. Right goes nowhere!

Good for kids, light hikers, dog-walking, parties, and sightseeing.
This little park has a playground for children and plenty of easy-medium branching forest trails to walk along on one side of the park for light hiking (the branching allows you to head straight back to the parking lot whenever you wanna stop), as well as a kinda rough trail on the other side that takes you down along a rock face, which is popular for all levels of hikers and rock climbers (as well as sightseeing from the top of the cliff, which is accessible from the parking lot without hiking). One casual trail called the "Trail of Trees" has over 20 numbered local trees planted along it with placards telling some facts about them (I think a couple of the trees are missing, however).
Plenty of picnic tables, a drinking water fountain, and 4 pavilions (3 near the parking lot and one down a road that goes into the forest, with bathroom facilities picnic tables and a medium-sized field. The bathroom and road gate to the large picnic/play/pavilion area have always been locked when I hiked out there, so I assume you have to reserve/request this area for events.)
Several buildings with eating, kitchen, and bathroom facilities are available for private events. I've been for birthdays and Christmas events and have seen what I believe are weddings going on in the park.

Always a lot of Christmas lights around christmastime.

I enjoy walking my dog down the Trail of Trees and all the way down and around the longest of the forest trails. It's a decent little casual hike. 1 mile, but the branches allow you to quit at any time before the mile is up. The big uphill portion at the end always tuckers my dog and I out. Be sure to bring water if you take your dog! He appreciates it at the end of the hike. I refill his bowl at the fountain.

Cave Creek is a moderately difficult trail mainly due to the loose rocky sections that begin after mile 2. There are several places where you can get confused, they really need to mark the trail. There are signs in the most critical spots though. The best views are on the Pinhoti side of the loop. Most of the camping spots are on that section as well. I camped on McDill Point which is a spectacular spot

Great hike. We started at the AL trail head and with an average pace 2.3 miles an hour in and made it to the walls in about 1.75 hours. It took us about 2 hours and 20 minutes to come out. The water was low. We hiked in from the TN trailhead in Jan 2015 and the falls were running. We were still able to cool our feet before heading back. It is definitely not for the faint of heart but it is well worth a day in the woods. The primitive campsites are nicely located too. If you like this trail you should definitely try it in multiple seasons.

Very easy 3 mile hike. We saw some friendly deer that just watched us from 15 feet away. There were several other hikers as well as some mountain bike rider. All-in-all it was a good way to get a little morning exercise.

Had an amazing day!! The trail was great and the views were breathtaking!!! Sorry for not stopping the GPS when we finished the hike I forgot to stop recording. LOL, I highly recommend this trail and using this app. It helped me make sure we stayed on track and helped us find all the great sites along the trail!!

5 days ago

Hope you have good knees before trying this hike! Not too strenuous, but precarious is a better word. I extended it a little and added the Natural Well trail, and came back and looped the Fire tower trail in for a 4 mile round trip.

The hike is downhill from the parking lot on typical North Alabama terrain meaning a lot of rocks and roots. It starts back up as you near the Stone Cuts, which always amaze me. The trail is along the base of the bluffs, which become cave like in some places. I never tire of seeing these rock formations. There is a little vertical challenge at the end. This is one of my favorite trails.

I hiked from the AL trail head to the TN trail head and went down, camped, hiked out to the AL trail head. Very dry this time of year but there is water for drinking, filter first.

The park is now free and open to the public daily from sunrise to sunset. Lots of scenic views in the 400' deep canyon including cliff sides, waterfalls, and creek side views. The park has roughly 4 miles of trails, and is good for all ages. Hike back out will be a little difficult.

Loved the blue plateau trail

it was great. the water was pristine, and ice cold. the landscape was beautiful. I took my 5 year old son with me to camp, and it was very kid friendly. The only downside was finding the trail to the spring. it wasn't marked anywhere, and it took about 45 minutes of driving down random trails until we found it. but it was definitely worth the effort.

we will definitely be back.

My wife and I visited from CO, so we may be a bit biased, but other than the falls ( which would be very nice after a solid rain) I wouldn't not return. The trail was very difficult to follow. Several times we were only assured that we were on the trail by trash left by other hikers. The trail was overgrown and covered with spiderwebs. We made it around 2 miles in and stumbled on a yellow jacket nest, and were stung several times apiece, at which point we decided it wasn't worth continuing. If we were to return, we would only go to the falls and not attempt the hike.

I think this is a great trail for anyone looking to just get outdoors for a couple of hours. There are some steep areas but it isn't too complicated. Definitely keep an eye out for the trail signs so that you stay on the correct trail. There are several that intersect and/or break off from each other. We had no trouble seeing them though so as long as you're paying attention they are easy to spot. I really enjoyed this trail and will definitely be back!

12 days ago

Lovely short hike.

can you camp anywhere on the trail?

12 days ago

Great walk.