trail locations for Tuscaloosa, Alabama

The trail was scenic. But, this map is to Bowers PARA disc golf trail. Still fun to hike, but it was not the arboretum.

7 months ago

this point took me to someone's private property

It is true! It is easy to get lost ! But it's a big park! Good for runners!

Great place for relaxing and exploring- very kid friendly!

Very easy to get lost on these trails! not marked well!

I needed a relaxing day outdoors and that's exactly what I found at the Arboretum.

The trails are all very well taken care of and you can tell that a lot of work goes into this park's upkeep. I took a mix of trails all through the woods and still did not get to see everything that this place has to offer.

If you want to just escape for a few hours and enjoy the good spring Tuscaloosa weather, this place is your new go-to.

I found a few pine trees by the lake and broke out my ENO for a few hours of reading. Definitely not the last time that I'll be coming here!

mountain biking
5 years ago

The Munny Sokol trails are awesome, but this pin point is wrong. It led me to some powerline trail in the middle of a neighborhood. Thanks idiot. The real trails are at the Munny Sokol Park that's about 2 miles away from where this person says it is. The next time I ride it I'll give an actuall, exact location. Thanks for making me find it the hard way, retard.