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This is mostly what I would consider a logging road. Easier than I would consider moderate.l. Very pleasant and beautiful!

Great boardwalk to overlook Weeks Bay. Took my kids, 3 & 5 year olds, and they loved playing with the hermit crabs, seeing the live alligator, and viewing the snakes. Great educational moments happened at this place. They had trails in the wooded area surrounding the boardwalk, but it was too flooded, as it had record breaking rain. It was in August.

This trail is supported but the Cherokee ridge Alpine Trail Association, and they're doing a great job. It is well marked and maintained. There is a map at the beginning of the trailhead (head to the right of the stone sign in the parking lot), which tells you how to extend your hike. If you complete the side loops according to the map, you can hike up to seven miles. Very beautiful both along the lake and in the trees.

Good trail many unmapped side trails nice lookout point

A hidden gem. The park is beautiful and the Talapoosa is very scenic. The area of the trail along the river is five degrees cooler. I ride a motorcycle to the park and hike this trail year round. Very little hiking traffic.

Backpacked here on Nov 25, 2016. Great Trail. With the recent drought the vegetation was certainly suffering. Streams were dry. met several folks that were day hiking but the forest was empty overnight except for us.

I loved this trail and looking forward to returning soon. The 3.1 mile loop is challenging in some parts because of elevation changes and steep rocky terrain, but the variety of trees, plants and views of the lake make it worth it. I did the trail solo and felt relatively safe. There is a sign-in sheet at the Deadening Alpine entrance. Trail is easy to follow and fall colors were amazing.

More of a park than a trail.

For a cat, it wasn't hard at all.

Easy hike with great views!

Horrible trail. Thorns scratched legs the whole time. Became so indistinguishable I had to turn around maybe a mile and a half to two miles in rather than wander uncertainly through the tangled woods. It was okay for the first mile. I started from the southern terminus.

Wonderful Hike! Me and my dog Rudder really enjoyed this place. Very dog friendly and he loved the freedom without a leash! I will be back with my son!

on Conecuh Trail

8 days ago

Hiked the south loop end of the Conecuh Trail from Open Pond Campground, and took the 1 mile spur trail to the Blue Spring. The map on AllTrails which shows the south end of Conecuh Trail paralelling a road at the Eastern Extent is not correct. If one does not want to go see the Blue Spring, they can take the road on that section to complete the loop as shown on AllTrails Map. However, the hiking in this area is a bit boring if you will and the Blue Spring is really the highlight of the Eastern portion of the Conecuh Trail. The short back and out trail shown just to the northeast of the southern loop of Conecuh Trail on All Trails map is the Blue Spring trail from the Forest Service Road, and the south end of the CT goes there right after you cross the final road, 373 I think it is, just keep going. The blue spring was pretty cool, and a good place for a swim and soak. Crystal clear water with a blue tint on the deepest part. The rest of the trail was OK, it passes by Buck Lake and Alligator Hole on the West end of the south loop. Check the calendar at the information kiosks at Open Pond Rec Area to see hunting days. Don't go in the back country to hike on hunting days!

LOVED IT! Beautiful views and nice, short hikes. Great for kids and dogs. Very well maintained and marked.

There are 5-trails here to suit a variety of needs for hiking, biking, and trail running.
There is a 1-mile, 2.5-mile, 4-mile, 7-mile, & 11.2-mile trails.
We did the 4-mile trail today. The trek was very good. Trails are well defined and well marked. There are also some markers around the trail pointing out some of the different types of trees.
All in all, a good outing. We will definitely be back.

Low traffic. Great for hiking with a dog. If you take the full loop has some decent uphill.