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I loved this trail! It's October so the leaves are changing. We've been in a drought so most of the water was dried up, so we took the opportunity to climb up and into where the pools normally are. Very neat and interesting to explore those areas. I wouldn't call this trail hard, but it's not a walk in the park either. definitely worth the trip for me!

1 day ago

Loved camping there

Nice place me and my wife went first hiked in the Al side and camped and hiked out the same way.... About a month later me and a co worker went and hiked in the Tn side and camped it was a much nicer trail than the Al side.... I was really expecting more when I went the first time I think my expectations were just to high. It's worth seeing for sure

I love this trail system. Parts are really difficult, and parts are easy. If you loop the entire preserve, it's 5 miles. Unfortunately, the great bridge that crossed the creek near the Simmons Middle School trailhead has been washed away. But as dry as it has been lately, taking the Orange Trail is no problem and there are several places to cross over to the Blue Trail or other trails without getting wet. I've placed pictures of the waterfall which right now is not much more than your kitchen sink! It's still a beautiful area.

The kids and I enjoy that place!

Great urban trail for running. Paved. Well maintained and safe (a bunch of joggers/strollers/etc) but not crowded.

trail running
5 days ago

I ran this trail twice yesterday and only came out with one rolled ankle. It is a great trail right in the middle of town. Great population of walkers and runners to pace. There was a good bit of wash out where it seemed it had been unkept for a while now. Other than the washouts and "potholes" it was a great running trail. I will be back next time I am in town!

5 days ago

The water was not flowing due to lack of rain. We do plan to go back to see the falls. Skyway is overgrown in several areas.

Waterfall was not going. I took the switchbacks down and took all the steep shortcuts straight up the side. Not too bad. Took me about 1.5hrs to hike out. The trail is pretty boring, but the Walls are awesome!



mountain biking
8 days ago

These are mostly paved cycling trails, nice leisurely family ride. The new boardwalks are amazing. They are doing a great job managing the park. Very enjoyable ride.

great trail!

I enjoyed it a lot. Not to hard not to easy.

Super, great afternoon outing

10 days ago

Unique geological features everywhere and the biggest poplar in the region. Sipsey wilderness is a great destination, be sure to carry a map and gps if you aren't a local. The trails are marked at the parking lots, but don't count on many, if any trail signs on the interior. Chiggers and ticks are prevalent in the warm months so be sure to use repellant. Best destinations are ship rock and big tree. Email me for specific directions or with questions, cheers robert@beckmanapp.com

Was enchanted by this very different (when you think of hikes/trails you think of forest and mountains automatically) walk. It was sublime. So much diversity in scenery and vegetation with a wonderful isolated beach finish. Two days later I did the Centennial trail that is just off of Pine Beach Trail for 6 miles (when you also do Jeff Friend). Outstanding trails.