New Berlin Trail

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New Berlin Trail is a 18.5 mile trail located near West Allis, WI. The trail is primarily used for hiking and road biking.

18.5 miles 543 feet


road biking

road biking
6 months ago

Well maintained, relatively flat trail. Plenty of Parking at Greenfield Park. I ride this trail semi-regularly as the people I ride with don't like to ride on the roads and prefer trails with little to no on road riding. Nothing exciting about this trail but it does the trick if you are looking for somewhere to ride.

road biking
1 year ago

road biking
2 years ago

Great and direct connection to the east to the Milwaukee County Oak Leaf Trail and Hank Aaron State Trail. Also connects to the west via on-street route to the State Glacial Drumlin Trail.

road biking
4 years ago

The New Berlin Trail is a pretty nice trail for anyone wanting to walk or ride without the threat of vehicles speeding by you at 40+ mph. You'll still have to deal with the occasional biker who won't let you know when they are about to pass you, but overall it does the trick. There are a few views, but I haven't seen much in the line of wildlife or anything truly amazing. I primarily use the trail so I can easily get from New Berlin to Waukesha where I link up with the Glacial Drumlin State Trail.