Otter Creek Trail

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Otter Creek Trail is located near Bowden, WV. The trail is primarily used for hiking.


6 days ago

This trail is a wonderful walk back in time to view nature relatively undisturbed.

11 days ago

16 days ago

I have hike the trail 20+ times. Awesome, easy trail. Good places to camp. But, careful for 1) sunning timber rattlesnakes, and 2) high water in the spring or summer (after a big rain).

1 year ago

2 years ago

Make a great 9 mile loop by starting at Condon Trailhead (at the termini of forest road 303) Hike the loop counter clockwise by way of Hedrick Camp trail - Shavers Mountain- Mylius Trail - and finishing on Otter Creek southbound back to the trailhead. And be sure to enjoy some swimming holes along Otter Creek before wrapping up!

3 years ago

great trail!

you can swim you can camp you can just day hike it. mostly flat