Yakima River Canyon

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Yakima River Canyon is a 19 mile trail located near Ellensburg, WA. The trail is primarily used for birding and canoeing and is accessible year-round.

19.0 miles



1 year ago

I always knew this trail or at least other people referred to it as the mile marker 23 hike or ridge as a way of remembering where to pull off the road. It's either 22 or 23. It's a turn off on the left side if you're headed south right in the middle of a bend in the road. I've hiked it multiple times but the most memorable was on Christmas Day. Nobody out there and the weather was clear with no snow or ice on the trail.

2 years ago

The trail I hiked I thought was refered to at Rattlesnake Ridge, but now I am not sure. I am not positive if this is even the Yakima River Canyon trail however it is in that area. It is right after Ringer Loop Road in the pull off on the left. Hiked this October 13 at dusk. Beautiful day, not too windy. Hope the pictures help you fellow hikers.