Wildcat and Beaver Pond Trail

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Wildcat and Beaver Pond Trail is a 12.9 mile loop trail located near Bremerton, WA and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and mountain biking and is accessible year-round.

12.9 miles Loop


mountain biking

3 months ago

1 year ago

Great trail!! I did this one with a group of friends, a lot tougher than we all thought but a great time, the view at the top is worth the hike! My little pup even joined us.

2 years ago

The frog song at the start of the trail was intoxicating. Unfortunately, the motor bike accompaniment killed the mood. It felt a little dicey sharing the trail with dirt bikes. Most of the riders were great, slowed down or stopped when we met on the trail, but it was nerve wracking to hear a bike but not see it around a corner. I liked the trail but probably won't use it much.

4 years ago

Good trail for exercise and family. Nothing spectacular but good mild incline makes for good three plus hour day hike or a interesting bike ride. Riding up the trail is not advisable for most, a road is there to take you to the top. Watch out for crazy motorbikers that haven't learned a lesson yet. View from the top is pretty nice of the Bremerton Watershed and the Puget Sound.
Good hike for winter time exercise!