Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge

DIFFICULTY 1 reviews

Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge is located near Granger, WA. The trail is primarily used for birding and is accessible from April until October.


3 years ago

The Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge is for the birds, literally. It's not designed for people who want to go on a nice day hike. There are no facilities or trails that I found except for a dirt road that stopped after 100 yards. To access the refuge you will need to drive on dirt roads so plan to wash your car afterwards. The refuge is surrounded by farmland. Hunting is allowed. If you do go, wear boots in case of snakes. Since there are no trails you won't be able to see the snakes. Is it worth going? I don't think so. But it's not a bad thing that there are places like this that are for the birds.