Three Summits

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Three Summits is a 9.1 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Issaquah, Washington that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

9.1 miles 2975 feet Loop



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1 day ago

Trail was very defined all throughout the summits. Did it at night to get a view of Seattle and the surrounding areas. beautiful view and there is a "hikers hut" with electric sockets and benches to rest halfway through. We did it with 60 lb rucks, definitely challenging but not as bad as the description.

9 months ago

4/15/2016 (Friday) -- Solo 8:15am - 1:45pm, cloudy, foggy on upper hills, 50-45-50F. It's hard to find the trail for writing a note of this trip though it takes Chirico and Poo Poo Point to start and return, it's main part is the loop above PPP, sequentially "One View - TMT - Seattle View - West Tiger RR Grade". While moving up to PPP at 9:30am, it was the quietest trek in my six visits. I encountered 7-8 groups of early birds coming down, but no one surpassed me. This time, PPP is not my destination but just a midway station. The loop above PPP was rarely used, so I encountered nobody, just a 4-member team of volunteers maintaining TMT. Though weather forecast showed that temperature at noon might rise to nearly 60F with sun breaks, I found it remained at 45-46F and densely foggy on the upper parts of the hills. I moved so close to the summits, but since I had visited them recently and there was no view in this cloudy day, I decided not to visit them again, but I did find a small loop that I can try in the future for WT1, which provides an awesome view in a fine day. I like the solitude of TMT and WTRR. WTRR is more interesting than expected as it features 4-5 running creeks and well-built footbridges and mixes a smooth "broadway" with sections of steep ups and downs. Seattle View is a very steep, unmarked trail provides no view but a shortcut between TMT and WTRR. Both One View and Seattle View are not marked on the AllTrails map. In the middle of One View, there is a plaque reading "15 Mile Gap". It took me about 3 hours to complete the loop, so I had lunch at PPP at 12:30. There were many people, including kids in spring break, and more people kept coming up on my way down to the parking, where temperature remained 50F (it will rise to above 80F in next two days!)

11 months ago

Great! It definitely was not as difficult as the description. The best part of the experience is the diversity of the hike. Mud, snow, waterfalls, and elevation gain! Don't get me wrong, it was not easy. Just not difficult. Remember , it's not three summit if u do not summit the three peaks!!!

1 year ago

My friend and I wanted to have a new adventure and experience more of the rougher and difficult terrains so we went to Three Summits. We started on the path and realized there's at least 5 different routes you can use to see spectacular views. We took the directions that were indicated on the paperwork we had and took the trail veering to the right. We got lost a few times because the trails split off and go in at least 3 different directions, but if you just breath and use your inner compass, you'll set yourself in the right direction. Once we got about 1.5 hours in, we saw this amazing little cave (i have video on it) and stopped to take in all the different elements. When we got about 2 hours in, the steepness, muddiness and high elevation started. We wore sneaker with tracking, but they were mesh and got damp and extremely muddy then we hit this area that looked unkempt, but used our leg muscles to the core. I think that the whole trip took about 5 hours for us, but in the end, the view was beautiful and the leg workout and cardio was phenomenal.