Stillaguamish River: South Fork

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Stillaguamish River: South Fork is a 11 mile trail located near Arlington, WA. The trail is primarily used for canoeing.

11.0 miles


2 months ago

3 months ago

Some excellent swimming spots in Arlington like Big Rock, as well as Silvana! Ask any local for directions to some cool spots.

6 years ago

This trip is most often done in tubes and rafts in the summer months, which is how we traveled. You can't exactly put a time limit on the trip as it depends on the speed of the river and the leg of the river you choose to do. Jordan Bridge to River Meadows is a great float but shallow in spots for tube floaters in August. River Meadows Park to Twin Rivers Park is also a good float and in mid-July will accomodate a small boat. The time of year, the water level and the part of the river you float have a huge impact on your trip. We spent 9 hours on the river in early September on a poorly planned float. The earlier in the summer the faster and colder the water, the later in summer the slower... All in all this is always a fun trip for hot days.