Shriner Peak Lookout Trail

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Shriner Peak Lookout Trail is a 7.7 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Randle, WA that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking and is accessible from June until September.

7.7 miles 3357 feet Out & Back





wild flowers


no dogs

From Puyallup, 56 miles on Highway 410 to Highway 123. Turn right (south) and drive 7.5 miles to the trailhead on the left side of the road.

2 months ago

This trail is definitely a leg burner, but the reward was well worth it. The weather was perfect when I did this hike in early August. It starts going up immediately and pretty much stays on an uphill pitch the entire way. The views were amazing, and when I got to the lookout tower, it was up there by myself and just relaxed and enjoyed the magnificent views. Mt. Rainier is right there.

4 months ago

A difficult hike but so rewarding. Definitely start early. The trail gets hot around noon. The views are incredible & the lookout cabin is so cool. Well maintained trail. Great for those looking for solitude.

5 months ago

Not an easy trail, but so worth it in the end. Most of the snow has melted, so it is easy to stay on the trail all the way up. Make sure to bring lots of sunscreen and bug spray!!

11 months ago

As it says difficult hike, but very nice scenery. Lots of photo opps if you like nature's wonders. It takes a few hours to get up if you take few breaks and have lunch, which I did. For the prize you get a great view of Mt Reiner. Bring some bear spray just in case. It seems almost too quiet at times.

1 year ago

absolutely amazing hike. You must pay the price however to reap the rewards! trail is not too bad for the first 3/4. Prepare for snow! I however didn't and have several cuts on my ankles and calves due to the knee deep snow.trail is difficult to find in the snow on the way up and some courage is needed to trust your instincts and just continue upward.So glad I did the views from the peak were glorious.I encountered some scat as well as bones of the side of the trail.only reason I mention this is I had the feeling I was being watch along with stretches odd trail where wildlife went silent and would catch heavy heavy scents of strong musky odors.may have just been elk bedding down out of the mid day heat.absolutely punishing hike but so worth it.great training for my summer ahead!!! here I come Mt. St. Helens,Mt.Adams, Mt. Baker, and last but certainly not least that looming giant Mt. Rainer!!!

1 year ago

05/03/15 Sunday - This hike starts out steep from the beginning and doesn't let up. It's a difficult trail, but rewarding. Mt Rainier is hidden until you round one corner half-way up, and then it's right in your face. There's a great area to sit and enjoy the view soon afterwards, so you could turn around at that point and be satisfied, or continue on to a greater reward. Right now there is a LOT of snow once you hit the basin (4+ feet). Because very few people have made the trek this season (Maybe two) the trail is hidden. Following footsteps is not reliable and I was completely lost on several occasions when footprints simply stopped with no indication of where to go. I did a lot of bushwhacking to finally make it to the other side. Tree wells are everywhere and I ended up to my knees in snow several times. It was pretty exhausting. If I didn't have my downloaded map from AllTrails with my iPhone's GPS showing the way, I would have been in trouble. Take waterproof boots, microspikes and gaiters. Finally finding the top was a relief. I passed two hikers on the way up who didn't make it to the top, and met one other hiker who was at the lookout. He also got lost but made his own trail around the back somehow. He soon left and I had the place to myself. Stunning views of Mt Adams, Rainier and St Helens in the distance. Overall it was an extremely difficult hike, but well worth it.

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