Mount Rainier Standard Summit Route

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Mount Rainier Standard Summit Route is a 15.1 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Ashford, WA that features a waterfall and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

15.1 miles 9107 feet Out & Back




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Three day climb via Camp Muir, Ingraham Glacier & Disappointment Cleaver This is one of the standard routes up Mt. Rainier. You will ascent the Muir Glacier to Camp Muir and spend the 1st night there. Then you will continue on to the Ingraham Glacier campsite which is just another 1,000 feet above Muir. There you will spend one more short night to acclimatize before leaving camp around 2am in the morning for an early summit bid. You will ascend Dissapointment Cleaver and hopefully make the summit near or just after sunrise. Return via the same track 9,000 feet after packing up camp in one day. You will be tired! Note: Before attempting this climb you MUST have experience in glacier and high alpine travel and crevasse rescue. Please check and read the supplemental links with this guide before you go. Use this guide as a directional track but do a A LOT OF READING about this mountain before attempting it. There are many guide services you can contact as well if you do not have experience.

8 days ago

Great experience I love Rainier

9 days ago

The hike to base camp is fun if you bring enough water. Also be sure to wear hiking boots because you will walk on snow.

1 month ago

This is a must do mountain at least once a lifetime. It's epic and worth it. Even if you don't summit, it's worth the experience. Fortunately for my team
The weather was nice and we summited.

1 month ago

Still miss there. I had a wonderful winter hike to panorama point. The landscape and vegetation are different from ADK's. Walking with snowshoe is a fantastic experience with 1-2 ft snow underneath. Looking forward to coming again in summer.

1 month ago

Only been to Panorama Point, but hoping to get to the summit by the end of next August! I have lots of training to do!!!! So excited!

3 months ago

Amazing view and beautiful flowers in late June

1 year ago


1 year ago

First time to the summit of Rainier with the support of the fantastic guides at RMI! Having been part way up the mountain in the past, even a new climber like me can tell you this year's low snow is way different... loads of ladder bridges, fixed lines and major routing around crevasses and exposed slopes... what an adventure! The climb up to Camp Muir is a great day hike in its own right, with a full pack, even more so. While we stayed at the guided hut, the new public shelter is impressive to say the least though remember to bring your stove, no water up here. Heading up into the glacier from there was something else... steep, long, but awesome just the same. Took around 11 hours of climbing Paradise to top (with half a day at muir of course) and a lot fewer down!

nature trips
3 years ago

Paradise is the right word to desribe Mount Rainier National Park! I never get tired of this beautiful place.

4 years ago

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Stunning vistas, great trails for hiking and walking, & wildlife viewing. A lot more to do, of course!

scenic driving
4 years ago