Little Nachees Trail

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Little Nachees Trail is a 27.7 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Naches, WA. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for off road driving.

27.7 miles 1479 feet Loop

off road driving

off road driving
1 year ago

Took a proper enduro bike on this trail Aug of 2015, heading east, then returning west

The opening segment has slick from a recent rain, making the most difficult stretch of the entire trip very tough. It is about 200 yards with steep, loose rock, ruts, mayhem, broken parts...

A person has the option to continue on the gravel road a bit higher to access the trail at an easier entry. The west side is wetter obviously, and the east side while having a few technical places, wasnt too bad. A fairly easy MC ride other than the opening stretch.

The road criss crosses through the trail allowing people an exit if they've had enough. There is a reasonable amount of jeep traffic on the trail. It is hard to get lost on the trail, but the gravel roads around there are a risk of getting lost on. No cell coverage for Verizon in the area, be prepared with good maps and compass etc. First time riders should definitely ride with a partner, and don't try taking a heavy ADV bike over this trail unless you are some super hero rider.

Trail will take 90-120 minutes. Once you hit Little Naches area, you can bail out onto a paved road, or continue taking an easy trail further down the river, headed to 410.

Scenery is great, pleasant trip, and the little naches is a surprisingly awesome destination for first timers. After the ride, continue 4 miles east on 410 to Cliffdell and have food/beverages at Whistling Jacks. WJ is the first gas station on 410 after greenwater, about 56 miles. They have Fuel, Convenience Store, Lodging and bar/grill.

For the hardiest adventurer, you can have lunch after the ride, then hit one of the epic trails in the Little Naches area. Some high points in the Naches area will pick up cell coverage, but mostly you are without.

Hope that helps!