Dirty Harry's Balcony Trail

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Dirty Harry's Balcony Trail is a 4.1 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near North Bend, Washington that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from February until November.

4.1 miles 1423 feet Out & Back

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Follows an old logging road trail to mountain and valley views.

5 months ago

Very tricky to find the trail, and was tricky at the couple of marked turns you need to take to get to the balcony. The view was worth it though, even on a cloudy day.

7 months ago

Trail head is unmarked and difficult to find if you are unsure were it starts. From parking lot you need walk .5 mile up the road. Look for a washed out riverbed or old road on the left. Trail is mostly a constant up hill over rocks and not the greatest scenically. The only reason to take this hike is for the view at the end. Very nice. It's also not very busy you will likely not see more than 1 or 2 other hikers.

9 months ago

1.8 Miles from top to bottom. 1/3 of the way is a small plank to cross a creak. When you see a old rusted out 5 gallon gas can with stones stacked up near it hang a right. The Balcony is only another .2 miles from there. Great View! Highly recommend solid hiking shoes. The trail is almost all river rock which can make the hike seem longer.

9 months ago

Trail was fine going up. Really rocky. But to get to the balcony was really hard to find. DO NOT take the back way down unless you know the trail. The trail is not clearly defined. We got lost and had to backtrack to get to the original trail.

1 year ago

10/12/2015 (Monday) -- It's just 2 miles one way and 1300 ft elevation gain, but makes me feel longer and more strenuous than expected, because the trail is all stones, big and small. This requires hiking shoes with thick sole. Today is Columbus Day, but I only met a mom-and-daughter group at the foot of the balcony. The last 0.1 mile boot path to the balcony is not easy to distinguish. The view on the ledge makes the trek worthwhile, especially the awesome tower of McClellan Butte. The trailhead parking lot is part of the Olalie State Park, and requires Discover Pass.

1 year ago

Beautiful foggy views! Loved every second.

1 year ago

Rocky slog through dense second growth for an open view of the I-90 corridot

1 year ago

The trail is an old creek bed so it's all rock. Not my favorite.

2 years ago

Parking is before the gate, 1/2 mile from trailhead, that's on the right side of the road running into the park. The glorified "trail" is a creekbed that runs the length of the hike and luckily it was dry for most of today's hike. Even though dry for the day, wear sturdy boots that protect you from any turned ankles and the occasional loose rock, wouldn't want to try this during a wet season. 1.5 miles from trailhead look for the rusted and bullet ridden metal bucket on the trail, turn right and proceed 0.5 miles to the Ledge for a spectacular view. Tried to go up to Dirty Harry's Peak, but after getting my boots wet up by Harry's museum at 1700 ft, I decided to head on down to protect my aching feet. Good views worth the pain.

3 years ago


My wife and I did the balcony and then continued on to the truck up Museum Creek before turning around last weekend and although not the most spectacular of hikes it is pretty and the scars of logging still visible so many years later are pretty interesting. The hike has a fairly solid elevation gain especially if you go beyond the balcony but the real killer is the condition of the trail. A large percentage of it is like walking up a creek bed since that is what it becomes in the wetter season. Wear footwear with good ankle support as there is a lot of loose rock along the way.

The truck while a little tough to find was worth it as it is so out of place since the final road to it has been pretty well reclaimed.

Overall a fun day of hiking even for my wife on we first time o having to brush beat to find a trail.