Buck Creek Falls Trail

MODERATE 1 reviews

Buck Creek Falls Trail is a 6.1 mile out and back trail located near White Salmon, WA and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from March until June.

6.1 miles 1350 feet Out & Back


3 years ago

The 1 star is for the waterfall, which is pretty despite being 15 feet tall. The rest of the hike is underwhelming (to put it lightly). To make matters worse, the understory is mostly small downed trees and there are no highlights at all on the hike of any kind other than the waterfall. The road in to the trailhead is narrow and muddy this time of year as well. And to top matters off, this is a Discovery Pass site despite the unstocked bathroom and empty registration card box.

The trail begins higher and drops down to follow a mud / dirt track that parallels road B 1000. You don't approach the creek until you near the falls, and then the trail crosses the creek just 0.2 mile later. The return route also parallels the road, but you should instead just follow the road. It isn't busy, is much closer to Buck Creek than the trail, and has taller trees than you see along the trail.

Do not hike unless you live nearby or really like waterfalls - and even then, you should do it once and never go back.