Bremerton to Seabeck and Scenic Beach

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Bremerton to Seabeck and Scenic Beach is a 37 mile loop trail located near Bremerton, WA. The trail is only recommended for very experienced adventurers and primarily used for road biking.

37.0 miles 2760 feet Loop

road biking


road biking
2 years ago

I enjoyed cycling this route and would consider this for leading a group ride. Many parts of this route did not have much of a shoulder. Favorite parts were going through Seabeck and Scenic Beach State Park. For Seattleites this is a nice route to ride from home to the Bremerton Ferry. See Biking Puget Sound for a great route description and all the info you need to cycle this route.

4 years ago

Didn't do the whole 37 miles... I believe its actually a lot longer then that. The 20 miles that I explored were very exciting with lots to see and plenty going on to keep you interested to keep going.