Birch Bay State Park

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Birch Bay State Park is a 0.5 mile loop trail located near Blaine, WA. The trail is primarily used for birding and is accessible year-round.

0.5 miles Loop


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10 months ago

Birch Bay is a site to see. It's one of the busiest parks in the US. I live in Birxh Bay and will never take the green,plush, forest sitting on the beautiful Pacific Ocean beach. The not too hot, just perfect breeze keeping you cool while picnicing and enjoying the eagle sightings or just gazing at the beach view and Canada or San Juan islands. Prices to camp are average but they must be made in advance. Birch Bay is a great beach town with a lot to iin the summer and a lot of Canadian tourist who love birch bay and its culture. Locals really appreciate Birch Bay even in the winter and could give you secrets as to where the Agates are.