West Neck Creek

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West Neck Creek is an out and back trail located near Virginia Beach, VA. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for birding, fishing, fly fishing, and canoeing.

4 feet Out & Back




fly fishing

A scenic creek off of North Landing River This creek features plenty of wetlands wildlife including waterfowl, otters, turtles, and of course snakes.

30 minutes ago

Quiet, short trail, nice place to get a quick outdoor work out in. One of the trails ends right on the back property of the Buffington House which is a colonial era home and worth a quick visit as well.

1 year ago

West Neck Creek feeds North Landing River and like most fresh water in this area, is surrounded by wetlands and all that goes with it. The main creek area is wide with a lot of boat traffic. There are plenty of small fingers to go exploring, relaxing or geocaching.