Waller Mill Resevoir & Tower Trail

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Waller Mill Resevoir & Tower Trail is a 2.7 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Williamsburg, Virginia that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and nature trips and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

2.7 miles 187 feet Loop

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A little harder than most of the trails in the park, it is well worth the effort. Most of the loop is along the water. Be prepared for a lot of steep inclines and declines.

3 months ago

Fun trail run or hike. Connector from parking is paved but loop itself is good dirt trail for running. Nice views and elevation changes.

3 months ago

trail running
5 months ago

Runner's Review

This park sits off of Airport Rd. The ticket system is simple enough, I just wish they had kiosks that allowed cars to pay on their way out with credit cards. I recommend taking your parking ticket to the boat house for validation (after you pay $2) so that way you have it already on the way out.

There's a bathroom here but I didn't use it- so I can't speak to how clean it is. But at least it's there.

Several trucks with their boat hauling equipment attached were blocking all of the entrances to trails!! As a first timer that made it very difficult to navigate where I wanted to go!

I chose Lookout Trail with AllTrails help. Lookout trail's entrance is facing away from the water and towards the dog park. The trail starts off as loose sand before you see a "No bikes allowed" sign and then hit your first set of wooden stairs. The stairs take you to a paved trail that runs you along Airport Rd. You'll stay on this straightaway briefly. I say enjoy this part because you'll immediately hit a couple up hills!! The trail entrance was clearly marked. HOWEVER on the way back the turn to get back to the boathouse was NOT clearly marked.

The trail itself is your standard run through the woods trail. But I see why bikers are not allowed. As other reviewers pointed out its VERY rooty. I was constantly looking down to avoid a misstep. Also there are very steep hills. I enjoyed the steps when they were there and pushed myself up the second hill which probably is steep enough to have steps but does not.

My biggest complaint here (and bear with me as I'm probably spoiled by Northern VA's trails) but there were SO MANY spider webs going directly across the trail!!!!! I spent so much time stopping to breakup obvious spider webs and spent a good deal of time freaking out as I missed some and ran straight into them. This trail must be scarcely used and the trail attendants must never make the full walk often enough to avoid this from occurring. Ultimately 1.5 miles in I turned around- the spider webs were causing me to stop so often/be grossed out that I had had enough.

Between looking down so much to avoid a misstep to looking up and around for spider webs this run was not enjoyable. The layout of the trail was gorgeous and I liked how often you were right next to the water on this trail.

1 year ago

accidentally submitted my review before I was done.

...the view from the lookout tower is amazing.

1 year ago

LOTS of elevation changes, some are a bit difficult to traverse (either angle, sandy soil, tree roots, etc). Lots of tree roots across the paths make footing tough at times - ankle support is a must. Made the hike with the whole family though (Wife, sister, 3 y/o hiking, 14 m/o on my back, the other 5 kids from 6 to 16 on foot) With minimal complaint from the little ones. Older kids had a blast. Great trail when you're ready to step up your challenge level. The view from the look outtower

3 years ago

Just got done canoeing around the park. Nice day, plus I was the only one on the water. They should add canoeing to their filter. Had fun going threw the tunnel under the road and watching the eagles.

3 years ago

Great trail. Dog loved it as well. The lookout tower trails really 3miles and the bayberry trail is 0.92/1.5 mi short/long loop. Ill def be back

3 years ago

This hike passes the lookout tower and then loops around a long peninsular, three quarters of the way follows the reservoir and almost all of it is through beautiful forest. The weather was beautiful.

3 years ago

Up and down and up and down; this trail cannot make up it's mind. But I gave it a 5 star rating for beauty and solitude. It follows the reservoir most of the way. The lookout tower, beautiful forest and wildlife round it out.