Little Wilson Creek Wilderness

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Little Wilson Creek Wilderness is a 7.6 mile loop trail located near Troutdale, VA and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

7.6 miles 1296 feet Loop


3 years ago

Out doing a 20-mile hike on Aug 10, and my circuit took me to Little Wilson Creek Wilderness. I started at Grayson highlands and hiked up to the Bearpen Trail. Easy enough. Then, my plan was to take Bearpen to pickup First Peak and on to Scales. I implemented it, but to a few surprises. After experiencing Bearpen's awesome views, I entered the wilderness. Beyond Big Wilson Creek Trail, Bearpen got muddy. I faced a mud bog 2 miles long where at times I had to bushwhack around the trail to prevent my ankles from getting muddied. After what seemed like eternity, I reached 1st Peak trail. I took it NW to Scales. It was in worse shape than Bearpen. The never-ending mud bog continued, getting me for another 2 miles! When I finally left the wilderness for 3rd peak and Stone Mountain, I made it through an adventure. The shoes and socks were finally dried out after I finally reached scales. IF YOU DO THIS WILDERNESS, KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU WILL GET WET AND MUDDY. HORSEBACK IS THE BEST WAY OF TRAVEL AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED!!! After my 20-mile hike, someone asked me as to why I didn't stick to the Appalachian Trail. Well, I wanted an adventure, and this was one adverse hike I will never forget.