Elmore Mountain Trail

MODERATE 6 reviews

Elmore Mountain Trail is a 4.4 mile loop trail located near Morrisville, VT and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from May until October.

4.4 miles 1250 feet Loop


Directions from Morrisville, VT: Travel 5 miles south on SR 12 to reach Elmore State Park.

2 months ago

Beautiful views from the top. If you're afraid of heights and climbing, I do not suggest this as you have to climb up a fire tower. A few teasers along to way. At one point you're climbing boulders on the 1.2 trail. The 2.2 trail is a longer trail but a much better path, less views on the way up. We hiked up the 1.2 came down the 2.2. Mostly shade, lots of ticks. It's a few bucks to get in and parking is kind of a pain.

3 months ago

Nice afternoon hike to take in some views on the longest day of the year. Working on getting my hiking legs back under me and this hike fit the bill. Firetower trail on the way up was well trodden and wide, with only the last 0.2 mile being strenuous. Took the Ridge trail back (sign says 2.2 miles to "parking" - it's more like 2.5 back to the road, then the extra 0.3 to parking). Ridge trail was gentle with a few smaller steep sections. All in all a great hike!

4 months ago

nice hike path to the left could be tricky if damp.

5 months ago

the trail itself is really nice but this time of year the black flies are horrible! we didn't make it to the fire tower due to bugs! next time I'm bringing big spray. lovely general store on l as me elmore has kick ads pizza!

5 months ago

2 years ago

Nice hike, takes just a few hours. Beautiful views from the fire tower at the top. In the past few years this has been made into a loop trail, not sure how many people know.