Mount Timpanogos Trail from Aspen Grove

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Mount Timpanogos Trail from Aspen Grove is a 14.6 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Provo, UT that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from May until October. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

14.6 miles 4921 feet Out & Back

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There are two trails to the top of Timpanogos. This is the Aspen Grove trail. The other trail is the Timpooneke Trail. The Aspen Grove trail initially contains many switchbacks featuring many waterfalls and amazing views. The trail reaches a beautiful meadow area with some small lakes and the well-known Emerald Lake. The trail then stretches towards the saddle across a boulder field where it joins with the Timpooneke trail offering great views of Utah Valley. The trail then travels up the ridge towards the summit.

2 days ago


The views were spectacular! We saw a lot of wildlife and the wildflowers were in full bloom at the end of July. I am not an experienced hiker and this hike was doable but hard. I highly suggest camping in the basin overnight to break up the hike. We were exhausted on the way down. bring plenty of water or a purifier to refill your supply. We ran out before we hiked back down.

I look forward to hiking it again in the fall! It was worth the sore muscles!

*The air gets pretty thin as you go up. I did suffer from mild altitude sickness.

4 days ago


5 days ago

nice trail a lot of people.

7 days ago


Spent the night at the shack at emerald lake and then hit the summit the next morning. People are loud and come throughout the night so I recommend taking a tent and setting up off trail a ways of you plan to get any sleep. Absolutely beautiful hike and the views are well worth the challenging terrain.

7 days ago

8 days ago

Spectacular views, many waterfalls, thousand foot cirques , large snowfield to slide down that feeds year round into emerald lake

9 days ago

Very cool hike well worth the long trek up! The trail is steep but can be forgiving at some spots! The view from the top is next level! Make sure you have lots of water and some good snacks!

12 days ago


Awesome hike! Get there for sunrise, it will be worth the effort.

14 days ago


I did this hike about a month ago and honestly it is one of my favorites in north Utah. The trail climbs most of the way fairly steep but the only brutally steep part was the 200 meter stretch right before reaching the saddle to the summit. Amazing views, high alpine lakes, and great views all around. Definitely a recommended hike!

15 days ago


When it says it's a hard hike, it is a hard hike. You will definitely be sore. The group I went with was kinda slow so round trip it was 12 hours. We started around 1am so we could watch the sunrise. It is so worth the view! The only part that was really challenging was the end climbing up (and back down) the loose rocks and dirt. I heard Timpooneke is a little bit easier and not as steep as the Aspen Grove side.

17 days ago

I love hiking Timp and have done it for years. Yes it's difficult but it's so worth it!!

18 days ago

Greta hike, light traffic isn't accurate though - It was definitely a high traffic area with people of all ability levels and preparation.

19 days ago


Love it. Steep but beautiful.

20 days ago

20 days ago

I overnight backpack about 7 times/year. What is more rewarding than a destination overlooking the Utah Valley floor 7000ft below? Stand tall at the summit and turn 360 to view 4 large bodies of water. This year we hiked on July 22-23, with an overnight stay near Emerald Lake. Counted at least 7 waterfalls on the Aspen Grove Trail. Ice cold water. The scenic view of alpine slopes in front and Aspen Grove in the rear always makes this trail the favored over Timpanooke. High temps in the valley, but only 70 degrees above 10000ft. I wanted to slide the "glacier" but this was a little too late in the year - larger boulder patches exposed. Next year we'll come up late June.

22 days ago


Great views, but my only negative is that the NPS has it closed 4 days a week (Mon-Thurs) for "trail repair" through the whole summer. I work many weekends and try to avoid the weekend crowds, disappointing. Early parts are old pavement, so easy to walk on; but you lose that hiking feel some.

22 days ago


The perfect hike in my opinion. I've done several around the Wasatch, and I felt like this hit the sweet spot. Long enough to feel rewarding, but not so long you want to lay down and cry at the end. Breathtaking views the entire hike. Lots of hikers this time of year but it didn't bother me. Great wildlife, especially cool to see the mountain goat herds. I've heard people say they felt the last section from the saddle to the peak was too exposed/sketchy. I didn't think so at all (nothing compared to Lone Peak). Plenty of young kids/teens on the trail. Started at 5am, took us about 6 hrs up, 4.5 hrs down at an easy pace. Definitely pack 2 liters of water and food for the day. Earlier the start, the better. Want to do it again soon, but from Timpanokee side (500 ft less vertical).

24 days ago

Very difficult but so worth it. Prepare well mentally and physically for this hike.

26 days ago

I wasn't prepared. I hadn't slept in two days and started hallucinating on the way down and my knee caps felt like they were going to pop out. I've never had knee problems.
I wish I would have been told to sleep. Come on.. Not everyone knows that. It took me 11.5 hours.
Hiking is my passion and I said I never wanted to hike again. Poor me.
We started at 03:00 am. Timpooneke trail.

1 month ago


The entire trail is so beautiful! Most of the trail is not steep and is even run-able. We had a right-of-way dispute with a mountain goat and her kids. She won. We found a bypass. I couldn't believe it was over 15 miles (from where we parked). It went so quickly!