Red Canyon (aka Peek-a-Boo Canyon)

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Red Canyon (aka Peek-a-Boo Canyon) is a 4.9 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Orderville, Utah. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking.

4.9 miles 465 feet Out & Back

kid friendly


An thrilling adventure of 4-wheeling on deep sand through a desert landscape of junipers, pinions, yuccas and cacti before reaching a slender passage that will tantalize photographer and hiker alike with a visual array of warm reds, cool browns and hot oranges in rippled and fluted sandstone. Southern Utah has its share of unique desertscapes, but the land here offers something different too - slot canyons. Abundant, yet hidden gems, that start out as small cracks in the earth that, overtime water has forced to become deep and narrow sandstone slots. The beauty of these dimly lit chasms entice hikers to explore into their depths. The price of admission into such a canyon often requires long hikes, down-climbing and rappelling skills, as well as an involved knowledge of rope work. Fortunately, there are some slot canyons that can be experienced without such a hefty price. Red Canyon, or as locals call it: Peek-a-boo, does not require any hiking to get to, but will require a 4 wheel drive. This is not the Peek-a-Boo slot canyon found in the Escalante area. Peek-a-Boo From where you parked you can see the slot canyon to the west. The canyon is usually dry and is only about .35 miles long. Notice how some sections are warmer and others are flushed with chilly air as the slot twists and turns, opens and narrows and the canyon floor rises and falls throughout the short hike. Stripped logs, twigs, and other debris wedged up high offer evidence of past violent flash floods that have raged through the waterway and forged the sandy chasm. The enclosed setting of a weathered canyon with towering walls, abstract designs and dramatic lighting combine for a photographers camera, as oils on a canvas do for an artists brush, providing the ideal tools to create a perfect image. Most sections in this slot are well lit, but a few places can only be captured with a steady hand or the use of a tripod. All too soon a large chockstone, 15 feet up, wedged between the walls ends exploration. Tanya Milligan in Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon Shamans Needle Back at the slot entrance look for a small drainage that enters from the north. Taking a casual stroll just a mere 100 yards up this sandy bottom wash will reveal a "pencil stick" stone structure. To exit, return the same way as you drove in. Taken from

21 days ago

Super sweet! Defiantly worth your time! The sand can get deep driving out, but it's honestly not that bad...

3 months ago

Supposedly beautiful...if you can get there! There is a 4 mile deep sand road to get to the canyon. Our rental Jeep 4 wheel drive got mired in sand about halfway there. We were ultimately able to get free with the kind help of the folks from our Bnb and an outfitter who happened by. A lot of digging and pushing got us turned around. A hot dusty 3 hour adventure but no canyon. A big 4WD truck got stuck without getting as far as we did. If you don't mind a long hot hike in and out, go for it. Otherwise, make sure you have the right vehicle.

4 months ago

Beautiful but brutal! The canyon is gorgeous but the hike to and from is very hot, exposed, and is mostly deep sand. Its a real trudge up and down 15ft sand dunes that are not shown on the map. There are many ATVs and 4x4s, some of which brought back fellow exhausted hikers. Also note: The last 1/4 mile of the slot canyon has been blocked by boulders.

9 months ago

Canyon was very nice!
I wouldn't call this "trail" Easy thought. More like Moderate +
It's basically a deep sand road used by trucks and ATVs, although we saw none. Once down to the dry creek its much better, but hiking in sand to get there and back uphill is a bit tough.
I'll post maps cause there are several sand roads so a map should help

1 year ago

We weren't able to find this canyon the first time around, but it was still a fun 4 wheeler trip. We came back a few months later and were able to locate it and have a great hike with the kids. If you can get to this canyon, it's a definite favorite.

2 years ago

Loved this hike! There is a place where you have to climb some rocks to continue the path... we climbed them! It wasn't too hard (we were able to get a dog and up and down pretty easily) It is such a pretty, secluded place. We did about 2 miles worth of the hike, and hadn't even reached the end of it before turning back. It can easily turn into a full day hike! We took a lunch to eat after we got back which was a good idea. At the beginning of the path is a nice little spot to relax and eat (there is even a firepit) I am definitely going back!