Mount Olympus Trail

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Mount Olympus Trail is a 6.6 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Salt Lake City, UT that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

6.6 miles 3910 feet Out & Back

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Climb 4,000 feet on this great trail to fantastic views over the Wasatch Valley and Salt Lake City. This is a steep, Class 3, climb up 4,000 to the top of a peak with great views over Salt Lake City and the surrounding Wasatch Mountains. You will be surprised at how abruptly you leave the bustling city below and find yourself high in an alpine environment. This is a good peak for budding mountaineers to start with.

2 hours ago

Excellent, challenging hike with great views. If you are not up for the rock scramble to the very top (it's not well marked so we got a bit lost coming down which was somewhat dangerous), the hike to the saddle and the view from it are just are rigorous and beautiful. Bring plenty of water.

5 days ago

Hands down the toughest hike I've done. Not to say that I have done a ton of hikes, but to give you perspective, I would rate this one more difficult than Timp. The trail itself isn't all that pretty and the second half of the way up is incredibly steep. The hike down was pretty brutal on the knees. I would recommend doing this hike once and only once, due to the sense of accomplishment but I'll probably never do it again because it's just not the spectacular of a hike. Only source of water is a small creek and the view isn't all that wonderful.

7 days ago

The hike is challenging, but worth the effort. I actually found the descent more difficult because of the dry, rocky terrain. I almost gave up halfway through the rock climbing, but after watching a few other hikers navigate the terrain was comfortable moving forward. My only disappointment with the trail is how near it is to a high speed roadway and the significant amount of road noise during most of the hike, especially the first half. As others have noted, it isn't well sign-posted and this is most egregious towards the beginning when it is easy to miss the main trail. Just remember on the way up you should be ascending most of the time. If you are on flat terrain for more than 30-50 meters then you probably lost the main trail.

8 days ago

Difficulty level and beauty are subjective. Personally, this was one of the hardest, most beautiful, and rewarding hikes I have ever been on. My first mountain summit ever! My hiking partner and I did it in mid July. I'm from central Texas, where heat and humidity are constantly kicking the crap out of you on a daily basis, but I still had a tough time on the decent. There is no shade and the Sun was very unforgiving. None the less, I absolutely loved this trail!

9 days ago

Loved the hike, except for the fact that the "obvious trail" past Pete's rock is not obvious and there are several intersections between the Bonneville Shoreline Trail; some are marked and some are not. There are also several other side trails and many opportunities to go off trial. I enjoyed the hike, but we had more than 2 1/2 hours of detours, and dead ends.

14 days ago

Fantastic hike. Mostly uphill. Great view from the top.

15 days ago

Great trail with easy access to trailhead. I hiked it today and it took my 4 hours to summit and about 2 hours to come down. Last stretch can be very dangerous scaling slippery boulders. What an incredible view. I took 120 oz of water and used every bit of it. Can't stress enough to take lots of water if you are going all the way up!

15 days ago

don't know how this used to be rated as "moderate". the combination of altitude, incline and terrain...especially the last half mile...made this a great challenge. the view from the summit was worth the work. the scramble and bouldering were first time experiences that made the hike unique. bring plenty of water!!

16 days ago

tough but worth it

18 days ago

it was a good hike, but not my favorite. the view from the top was worth it, but be careful going up/down. By the time I made it back to my car there was a rescue team just pulling up.

19 days ago

Amazing hike with incredible views. It gets pretty intense at the top. Make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks!

20 days ago

Just like the reviews say it is a very challenging hike but the views were to die for at the top! Bring plenty of water and snacks. The scrabble at the top is probably not the best for small children and is pretty challenging. However the view from the saddle is still amazing. Definitely recommend doing! It took us about 2.5/3 hours to the summit and 1.5 hours on the way down (running).

21 days ago

Great hike. Steep terrain, coming down was rough on my knees! Great views! Surprisingly not too crowded for a holiday weekend.

22 days ago

It has some part at the end, which needs some serious climbing. If you are this first time. Only go in yhe morning. If you start at 4 pm like i did, you will have hike down at dark and it is shit scary :((((. Challege wise, it is awesome.

22 days ago

Fantastic hike! Not for the weary, it is a very difficult hike with cliffs and scrambling. Has been known to have several injuries associated with this hike so come committed! Some of the best views in SLC!

22 days ago

23 days ago

Wow. What a rewarding, challenging hike. I started in every afternoon, and the 90-degree heat was brutal; I finished about 110 oz of water. It took about 2hr45min to summit, and about 1hr30min to descend. No problems with snakes or bugs, but I did see a coyote and later a cougar on a ridge probably 2 miles SE of the summit.

24 days ago

The trail doesn't let up. Your legs will kill but it is doable. Leave early. Take plenty of water. The scrabble is really fun and the view is great!

25 days ago

nice view up there ho likes a best workout that's the place lol

29 days ago