Mount Mellenthin

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Mount Mellenthin is a 4 mile trail located near Monticello, UT. The trail is primarily used for hiking and snowboarding and is accessible from December until April.

4.0 miles 3045 feet



4 years ago

We made our way up the La Sal Mountain Loop Road to Geyser Pass Road and parked at the pass sign. We then bushwacked our way through the forest to beyond the tree line, we could not find a distinct trail. Once above tree line, what a beautiful view of the La Sals, especially Mt Mellenthin that loomed before us. We tried to climb the 1500' rocky talus slope, but only 2 out of a party of 5 made it to the summit, my son Ron and good friend Jimmy D. The rest of waited in a protected glen high above the tree line. The climb to the summit was slow, steep and difficult, all broken, jagged rock to the top. When there made their way back, we had difficulty finding the Jeep, bushwacking without a GPS is not recomended. But what a great day in the mountains!