Kane Creek Canyon ATV Trail

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Kane Creek Canyon ATV Trail is a 18.2 mile trail located near Moab, UT. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for road biking and off road driving.

18.2 miles

off road driving

road biking

off road driving
4 years ago

Kane Creek Canyon is reached via the Kane Creek Road in the middle of Moab. Once you get off the gravel portion of the road, Jeeping gets more difficult. I went with my sons Ron and Bob on a hot day in June. We were on our way to Hurrah Pass and eventually on to Chicken Corners. We stopped at the top of Hurrah Pass to view the awesome Kane Creek Canyon. We were amazed that we actually Jeeped the terrain below. While we were taking a break, we noticed 2 ATVs coming up the switchbacks from Kane Creek Canyon. when they got closer we discovered they were 2 women in their 60's. Way to go Seniors!

off road driving
6 years ago

A lot of river crossings which made it nice for the dog. It was a really hot day and most of the drive is through a canyon with no breeze. Very pretty but hot and rough. Pulling out of the canyon there are steep cliffs and there are cars at the bottom of the cliff where people have not been so lucky.